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I think I need tl change my CDC

My CDC is driving me mad. The last 2/3 weeks, she keeps missing items off my order. The truth is I always send a email weekly with my order and I dont always get what I want. But this week, I had another item missing and my CDC did not respond to my text and email to replace it. It took my husband's interference to get her to respond. I've always had an attitude that this CDC gives me what I want, CD works for me, but hubby mentioned today that he doesnt like her. She has never weighed me, never told me to measure myself (and now she keeps mentioning it!), doesnt do CD herself (I've lost over 3 stone and she has gained weight and doesnt seem to care).
I've only got 4 weeks til I go on holiday then I plan to get straight on CD but I dont think I can do it with her.
I feel a bit guilty about it, thats the only thing.:(
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Don't feel guilty. She is making money from you and should be providing a service.

Change your CDC. I am actually shocked that she doesn't weigh you.

You need to find a supportive CDC - it makes all the difference.


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God thats rubbish my CDC is fanstatsic she comes to my house we have a mini chat she weighs me, then I give her my order she gets it from her car and then she always counts it all back to me so I get everything. She really supportive and much better than I could of imagined so I personally think for the money you pay for this diet you should get a better service defo get a new CDC.
x x
I wouldn't give it a second thought!!! Get a new cdc!!!!! Don't feel bad about it. If you went to a shop or resturant and the service was really poor, would you go back or tip. Your cdc sounds like she doesn't really want to be doing this. So put her out of her misery and find a new cdc!!!!!!!!!! x x
I've just checked the cambridge website for other CDC but there are no others in my area :(


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They are not always listed on the website, give them a call
Yep I agree, I thought a lot of people would come back with 'speak to her and give her a chance' which they said to me when I wanted to change.

But I did change and as everyone else has said you are paying her for a service and you need support on this diet you shouldn't get a rubbish service just because you feel guilty about it.

Changing mine was the best thing I have done, my new CDC is fantastic and I truely believe she is part of the reason I have done so well this time and am now finally getting to goal.

So go for it. You don't even have to tell the old one if you don't want I didn't lol - wimp!
Hmm, that's pretty bad. My CDC says she had the same experience though, when she did CD herself. She wasn't weighed etc.

I email my order over to my CDC the day before our appointment and she has it ready for us when we go to her house for our WI. We have a half hour appointment and usually take the full half hour getting weighed and having a good chat about how the fortnight has been for us. She's friendly and very supportive.
Thanks guys, I've done it!! :D I found a CDC and explained my situation and she knew who I was talking about :) She's new back to CDCing herself and lost her clients due to moving away with work. We've arranged to meet on Sunday so I'm really pleased. I'm going to email my old CDC tonight and just inform her I no longer require her (crappy) service!
Thanks for all your advice!
well done hun!
This is a service as much as a load of diet products! If its not working for you and she isnt doing her bit, then it can effect your motivation.

I did CD last year for 2 weeks, hated my CDC and dropped out! This time round, my cdc is fabulous and apart from my recent discrepancy, i have stuck to it!

I hope all goes well for sunday hun


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Glad you found a new cdc. I think you should call head office and just let them know about the poor service you received. It's good for them to have a record in case others are feeling the same. It takes a lot to become a cdc so it's strange that she's being sloppy in the way she works. Good luck with your new CDC..... xxx
I agree with sunshine above think you should report her!! So glad you found a new Cdc, you need help and support from them! Can't believe she didn't weigh you or measure you! Thats shocking!!
Good luck with your cd journey! xx


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Glad you have a new CDC. CD is a difficult diet and total change of life for many. CDC's have a duty to provide an exacting, supportive service. My CDC is superb, chatty, supportive, empathetic, weighs me and has endless patience as I chose my food at my WI session. My CDC and minimins are my rocks and without them CD would be a mountain. It is v.naughty to take money and not provide an adequate service. Tx


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Hey hon
Glad to hear you have found a new cdc... You deserve to get a good service especially to be weighed.
I hope if someone was unhappy with me they would let me know...
I really try my best......
take care hon and good luck with your new cdc x
I have plucked up the courage and have emailed my CDC and told her that I have decided 'to move on'. I will look into contacting head office over the weekend. As it seems this is quite a common occurence with this CDC, they really should know.
Thanks again for all your advice!
Cannot believe she didnt weigh you :eek::eek::eek: thats like me not making my pupils not put a seat belt on :eek::eek::eek::eek::confused: weighing is part & parcel of this!!!


Glad its sorted now :D

I agree. Shocking.

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