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I think Im cracking.


Hi Paul
Don't give up, you have done so well. Have you thought of doing a higher level to incorporate food or just ride it out today and see how you feel tomorrow.


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Paul - from your tracker i understand you have done 24lb in 4 weeks? How many will you have lost in another 4? Maybe 20? 8 weeks in, maybe 40 odd lb down ,more than half way there! Can you do another few days? Then just keep doing another few days. Me too - I will keep an eye on you!


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Hi Paul

Kinda sneaks up on you doesn't it, one minute going along merrily merrily and the next craving food like never before. I know it's hard at the moment but if its any consolation it usually passes. You can grit your teeth and get through or alternatively look at one of the higher plans if it is really bad. Whatever you do, hang in there as you have done fabulously so far.



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I agree totally with porgeous, you have done well so far hun, and this will catch you by surprise, the wanting to eat. Not being funny, and this is tough love, so please accept it for what it is................ if the eating in moderation thing is what you are thinking about, then why couldn't you do it before? Don't get me wrong, I have been there, done that, and you KNOW this is the right way to go, stick with it hun - it's only today that is sh1te, tomorrow WILL be better xxx

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You should be distracting yourself by watching Crufts!! I have just seen a beautiful boxer called Floyd in the agility section. Want one, want one, want one. Try and distract yourself at the first sign of danger. You are doing brilliantly so far; you can do it and I am sure you will overcome this stage. Dont give up when you can see such good results. We are all with you and will help you stay strong.


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I feel like that at the moment, am on week 2.

What I am doing is promising myself that I will treat myself to a dinner with the fella at my favourite restaurant when I reach goal. And I'll have whatever I want that night (Bruschetta followed by chicken breast and their lovely veggies and a nice glass of wine).

Am trying to look forward to it!

Also, with the shakes, I'm trying to keep it interesting by putting them in nice glasses when I can.


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Hi Paul
Think it happens to lots of us , hope you can over ride eating cos it will only make you eat more , the bars are you still having them ? they say not for the first two weeks and then only one aday cos it slows the loss up , i know its painful , but fast . I have failed i think 3 times could be 4 but also gone back to CD as i find i just can't control myself around food . Day 5 for me today . I feel you need to think of your goal , don't give up paul !

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coo-eeh Paul, how are you doing today? Keep it up - you can do it, just stick with it for a while longer and you will adjust to it more easily. Hugs Boxer crazy Di xx


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Hi Paul,

Just wanted to see how you're doing today? Hope you stuck it out last night - you know that this is the quickest and easiest way to goal. All you have to do is not eat! But in reality i know that's a billion times harder than it sounds.

Stay strong, you CAN AND WILL do this x




Im feeling a bit better today thanks and no, I havent eaten or given up. Im in this for the long haul. Im gonna be on SS or SS+ (havent decided on that yet, but prob stay with SS)until Im 16 or 17 st or until May (whichever comes first) Im gonna use the month of May to get back to eating whatever happens for my holiday in 1st week of June. Thanks for checking in on me. ;)

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Great news Paul, keep the faith. I have been watching Crufts each night now but I haven't seen any Boxers yet, apart from a Brindle in the agility section. Its a great distraction too and entertaining, so if you are not otherwise occupied take a look. Hope the weekend goes well for you, take care.


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Postive thinking there Paul , :) good for you