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I think my metabolism has gone into meltdown!...


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Well, at this morning's WI I was 2lbs down...'great!':), until I remember I was 1 1/2lbs UP last week :(, so technically I've lost 1/2 measly pound in two weeks.:cry:

I was googling different 'reasons' a VLCD might not work/stop working, and the only ones I could find were that my metabolism has slowed down so much to match my intake that I'm now holding onto every ounce- i.e. I've gone into the dreaded 'starvation mode', or am very close to doing so. Or that I'm so close to my 'target' weight that my loss has naturally slowed down- which I think is bunkum, seeing as I have over a stone to get to target, and into a healthy BMI range (which I know some of you hold no stock with, but it'd be nice to be there?).

I've had contact with a nice lady from LT over the past few weeks, so I've emailed her with the latest 'development's' and will see what she says/suggests. But my WI this morning hasn't changed my mind about beginning to re-feed in 2wks.

Just thought I'd share...:sigh:
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well at least you lost!! (small comfort I'm sure!)
just plough on and see what happens next week - could be another 4lb loss!


A little of everything!
LOL! You know me by now...I'll plod on regardless! But unless a miracle happens, it's two weeks until re-feed, even with a 4lbs loss next week (if that happened I'd 'only' be 9lbs from goal!)
you are so close to goal... you can get there :)


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I was googling different 'reasons' a VLCD might not work/stop working, and the only ones I could find were that my metabolism has slowed down so much to match my intake that I'm now holding onto every ounce- i.e. I've gone into the dreaded 'starvation mode', or am very close to doing so.
If it's any help, there is such a thing as starvation mode, but it doesn't really apply in quite the same way on diets such as LT/LL/CD.

When you reduce food, your metabolism goes down..yes. Even more so with a VLCD, but it will never go down enough for these diets not to work. The most recorded was a 40% drop, and that was for a guy who was down to 5% body fat and had been doing another VLCD for months and months.

Even at 40%, you'd still be eating less.

The other point is that these diets do have a higher level of protein, which helps reduce the level of starvation mode that could happen.

What could be happening is this. When the fat leaves the fat cells, it can often fill with water temporarily. You then get a whoosh at a later date.

It's tough isn't it when the scales don't say what they should do! Keep going though, because you must lose fat with so few calories. It would be impossible not to. Would be like going from the South of England to Glasgow on no petrol. It's just not possible


A little of everything!
That makes sense KD, thanks. I know in my head I HAVE to be able to lose weight on this- the whole cals in vs. cals out thing undeniably has to work- but it's sooooooo sloooow! LOL! Plus the gain last week completely threw me?!
I hope my 'whoosh' comes soon!
I have to applaud your grit and determination in sticking with things . I dont know if I could have been so determined . I thought I remembered you saying at one stage that you had an underactive thyroid . If you are in starvation mode would that effect it??? . You have done so well though and BMI ' s arnt everything. I think if you are happy in your skin its everything. My aim all through is to be a comfy size 14 and I will be there around 11st. At 5 ft 3" my Bmi is between 8-10 stone approx . At 44 I dont think so...... . :D


A little of everything!
Thanks Michellinwoman. My underactive thyroid does mean my metabolism is slow in general (hence my difficulty to lose doing conventional diets?), but I don't know if being in starvation mode would make any difference- if I'm in it?

To have a 'normal' BMI I'd have to weigh about 9 1/2stone, which was my original target- then I got realistic and changed it to 10stone! LOL! At the minute I'd be very happy to get to 10 1/2st!

I'm into a size 12 bottom comfortably (still a 16-18 top thanks to my boobs, but I can cope with that! LOL!) and at 5ft2" sort-of look 'normal' instead of 'fat'...I think? I'll post pics next week of the wedding (when I'm glammed up a bit!) and me in 'regular' clothes and see what you all think?


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Your reply is really interesting as there's so much comment about "starvation mode" and I've always wondered whether this is just a commonly-held myth or real fact. Particularly as this is so often used as a reason by detractors as to why VLCD diets are "bad for you".

Could you point me in the right direction for further information on the subject please? The more scientific, the better as I'd like to understand this theory/fact.

Many thanks


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Hi Irishmum
You are a woman of grit and determination and I have said it before to you, "I take my hat off to you". You have done so, so well over the past months and should be so proud of yourself.

Hope you have a good week. At least you lost Irish, in the right direction :)

Hi Irishmum

It's me, fellow thyroid sufferer.
Yeah, I know the going is tough, I am not on the same amazing weight losses as the other LTers, but I am still losing...as are you. I think as we ( not me yet) get closer to the goal the weight slows as we are not lugging the extra weight around. I recon if you went around your normal activities carrying shopping bags of what body mass you have lost, you would lose weight. Paradoxically its our mass that helps shift the lbs.
Also, with a reality check, its our lovely bodies we are talking about...our bodies that we have grown to loathe, and somehow abused. We took years to gain this weight and we are expecting it all to drop off in months. I think we should be kinder to ourselves and do the whole Gok Wan thing and learn how to dress and care for our bodies on the way during this journey.
I had a blood test recently and the result was that I have what they term 'fatty liver'...ugh, what have I done!! After I have lost a bit more on LT I am going to try the 'Cleanse Your Liver' diet by Dr Sandra Cabot. The blood test gave me a reality check :copon: moment and I really do not want to abuse this amazing body that I have been given, also I am going to settle, like wise Michillwoman, for a comfy size 14 and be happy and healthy henceforth.
Phew...there endeth the lecture!!
You have done so well so far....be gentle ;)
Hi Irish mum
sorry to hear that your losses are not what you had hoped. perhaps you are lugging around a bit of extra fluid at the minute and it will go eventually. have you tried measuring yourself instead? the weight is going somewhere and if you cant track it one way perhaps another way might lift you a bit? good luck x

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