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I think ... someone's clicked! (not my back!)


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I've been trying a few different things each week, especially with the erratic weightlosses.

Last week I tried eating melon and having fish most evenings and twice a week making sure they were oily fish - that came out with a 1/2 lb loss.

This week I had breakfast *every* morning, the only treat I had in my daily points was a skinny hot chocolate from Costa but ALL my daily points went on my main meals. Everything between my meals was either a portion of ZERO propoint fruit or a 1 propoint yoghurt. I only felt the need to dive into my weekly points by 13 and I walked away with a 2lb loss.

Here's for the next week! Onwards and downwards ladies and gents! :D
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I am also trying to reduce my Carbs intake & use them more on Protein.

However, because the Carbs PP were so high and now that I have reduced them I am struggling to use up my daily allowance. Not a problem tonight as I am using 5pp to have a Vodka & Diet 7up.


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Ooh, you'll have to let me know how you get on.

Coupled with the fact that if you eat a meal that's mainly protein you're only actually getting around 75%-80% of the calories that you've consumed as your body uses up the rest just processing it.

So my train of thought was, put as many points as possible into my meals and that should create a natural deficit in regards to protein and how we process it, that way I'll be fuller for longer, less snacking, less points spent!

Silly theory but it was how I was thinking at the time :D
That is a good theory! And one this week I have also followed bigger meals = less snacking! But last week I made my meals smaller so I could snack more! And STS! This week ( my scales at home) say I've lost 3.5lbs so fingers crossed they will say the same tomo at ww! :D


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Woo! Good luck for your WI!

I actually believe now that your daily points are there for your main meals - your snacks should be coming from your Weekly allowance, this way you're filling up on the right foods and the weekly points are optional :)

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