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I thought I would lose more?


Here we go again!
Don't be worried about losing "only" 4lbs. That's a great loss. Just think how soon you will lose all your weight if you lost that every week!

Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job!


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4 pounds is great! That would have taken me 4 weeks on slimming world!
I dont think you would be doing yourself any good by not taking all your drinks and remember thats over a stone in two weeks where else would you get a loss like that on any other diet dont get down just keep going week by week your losses will soon mount up good luck linda x
4 lbs is really good and I believe that it is actually the average weight loss per week.

My chemist told me that after the first week people lose between 2-5 lbs with 4lbs a week being the over all average, in his experience with women on LT, when he divides the total loss by the number of weeks.

He also did stress to me that I drink all 3 shakes everyday because its my bodies only form of nutrients, and I only get what my body needs if I take all 3. I'm not really sure if not taking all the shakes would effect your weight loss, but I imagine the body does funny things when it isn't getting anything it needs.

Saying all that 4 pounds is really a fantastic loss. I don't know if you have ever watched The biggest Loser, but on the show they have 'The week 2 curse' because all the contestants get such huge weight loss in the 1st week, most of them really struggle in the 2nd week because there bodies are still adjusting to the program.

You should feel very very proud of yourself, 4lbs means that all last week you were losing more than 1/2 a pound a day! :)

ames xXx


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Hun, 4lbs is a fabulous loss!!!!!!!!! :D

You've now lost 17lbs in 2 weeks!! :eek: Thats 8.5lbs a week! Amazing! Nothing to be dissapointed about there :)
4 pounds is a really good loss - particularly after such a large loss the first week. You should feel really proud of yourself. I do understand where you're coming from....I only lost 2 pounds last week (week 3), and if feels so very disappointing....You've lost more in 2 weeks, than I've lost in 3 - so you should be delighted!

Keep going, and well done for making it through two weeks! x
4lbs is great!! Ive been losing 4lbs consistently since I started and I have to say Im over the moon by it!
Thank you Guys, yesterday I felt really upset about it, bit silly really! I almost felt like eating:eek: found it really hard to not to, but thank's to you guys I kept strong thanks for the kind comments x:D
Well done on your weight loss!

A word to the wise. Just think of yourself as a big car. You put load of petrol in to consume enough energy to get around. If however, you only put in a little drop of petrol in, you wont get very far with less energy to consume.

The moral of this is try not to cut corners and ensure you use up all your available nutrients (ie 3 sachets) every day, so your body doesnt lose out on vital resources.

Hope this is of help?

Good luck for next weigh in day.:)

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