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I thought things could get worse? I was wrong...


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I was coming back from Frenchay yesterday from seeing my mum and i was about 20 seconds passed junction 12 (needed to get off at 11A) and all of a sudden my speedo went from 70 to 50mph...bearing in mind im in the middle lane, and nearly got killed with cars behind me!
So anyway pilot mode came on and i somehow got into the hard shoulder with smoke...EVERYWHERE..bearing in mind again im only 18 lol and a baby in reality and had it not been for my boyfriend i probably would have had a panic attack and been eatten by wild dogs in the middle of the night :rolleyes: lol
So any Mr RAC came and saved me but now penelopee (my vauxhall corsa) is dead! :eek: theres a hole in the engine (which my mother things a bit of prixstix will fix :p) so im kinda at a lost..my mums in hospital and my daddies over in northern ireland burrying my nana (well her funeral was today at 1.30 :wave_cry:) and im left trying to figure out what to do!
Anyone know anything about cars and tell me what this think the diagnosis is?

Well bar that beautiful ending to the crappiest week ever! Im starting LL again on Saturday :D well happy and i get to exchange my packs over (2 weeks worth) so all is good good good!

lol sorry lol thought my rant may give you something to read for 3 minutes or so :p

Lots of Love
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oh dear, sounds scarey.
hopefully things will start to improve for you soon
daisy x


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Well i know this sounds stupid. But take it to a garage you trust. prefereably a dealershpa dn get them tog ive you an honest quote of the problem and price. To be fair though, a hole in the engine means the car is dead it is likely you will need to get a new one.


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ah no, how rubbish, cars can be so expensive, Im lucky my OH is a mechanic. Hope today went ok for your dad and that your mums alright xxx


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Aww, what a terrible time your having. I don't know a thing about cars but just sending you hugs anyway..:)

I hope your week picks up and good luck with starting LL.
Cars = hassle and expense.
I'm sorry to say.
I'm much older than you - I have had so many rotten experiences with cars.
It would be great if we could do without them, but......
So sorry about your Nana.

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Hi R - SOrry you are having a tough time. Like SB says, cars are a pain in the ars. :D Good luck getting it sorted out. I am lucky too, my OH can fix most any problem we have.

I hope all your family matters soon resovle themselves. WHen it rains, it pours, ay?

Good luck to you hon.


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lol indeed BL!! atm theres a storm! ha!
Well my dads getting back from NI today so hopefully car will get fixed!
Im knackered now as well spent the whole morning cleaning the whole of downstairs!
o well think of the calories!

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