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I used the scales at home, slap me!

Ok Ok, I have to admit not only did I devour 16 extra syns last night, I also...dum dum dum...hopped on bathroom scales this morning!

Very naughty indeed, after all the posts I replied to recently about the naughtyness of doing so too!

BUT its showing a 7lb loss...I know this isnt 'real' as I weigh in at 7pm on tuesdays, oh how I wish it was 7am on Mondays ;)

Anyways this is my monday morning confession, be gentle with me :D
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tusk tusk tusk. Naughty girl.

It would be great if there was a class at maybe 6 in the morning, i am sure that there would be great losses. he he


I wish it worked that way, you know, the more syns you eat the bigger the scales loss? That would be amazing. Sigh.

Other than that, stay off the scales! (says me, mines are showing a sts this week, but hey, thats the way it goes)
To be fair this was the first time in the 4 weeks since I started SW, that I have used them!


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Aaaaaah Chicaloca don't be to hard on your self hun especially after your food confession, but don't be too disappointed when you weigh in either.... anyway you maybe pleasantly surprised!! xx
I love it, im excited about going to class!
:slap: Haha I've been waiting to use that on someone, how sad am I?!

I've been checking the scales at home recently (took a while for the scales not to say ERR you're too fat!) so I'm a fine one to talk! If what the scales say doesn't effect your mood negatively then I have to say I don't see a problem with them. I do it out of interest more than anything. If it got to the point where it upsets me to see the fluctuations then I'd stop.

You might find the scales are telling the truth once you WI officially which would be fab! Just don't be disappointed if it's not that much. We tend to weigh more in the evenings.:rolleyes:
good luck - i weighed myself this morning and im a few pounds up - got until Thursday night to get rid of my gain (its expected tho) i bet you will still lose quite a lot tomorrow evening!!!

Oh the curse of the dreaded bathroom scales! I do it too - I can't seem to help myself, I just really need to keep tabs on myself. I know if the scales are creeping up to pull back a bit. And I don't want any nasty surprises when I go to my official weigh in. Stupid? YES!
i bet you have a fab loss anyway.

i can walk by my scales all day resiting temptation, then suddenly i swear i must blank out or summit cause next thing i know im on scales and i didnt even know i got on them.

maybe im possesed by scale demon!

well done for confession though. you are officialy forgiven. :D

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