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I;ve had a BAAAAAAAAAAAAD weekend but i couldnt have stuck to it if i tried!!!!


Slimming for my children
Friday spent the whole day driving about trying to sort out stuff for the wedding. had planned to have an extra syns day so this was fine.

Then saturday I stuck to it bar some popcorn at the cinema! :(

Then sunday was the worst, H2b;s nephew arrived on saturday, so we all (including his 4 family members) drove up in my car at 9am. I had planned to stick to it as thought we were going to My MIL2b's for lunch and she knows my diet, but no we were to meet his half brothers and his dads ex wife so i was in strange surroundings. His half sister who i have met once suddenly came out with a bacon sandwich for everyone was very very persistant and I felt really embarrased so ate it, then I find out that we are going to his dads ex wifes for sunday lunch.
I could have cried cos when the bacon had come out I thought well I can do a red day!

Then we drove back in all the rain. god knows how i didnt have an accident as so many cars had broken down, it was like driving through rivers. There was one girl just sitting in her car crying but there was another guy outside trying to push her. this was going on for about 1 hour then i hit the a3 and that was bad and i could hardly see!!!
So by that time i was like you know what? SOD IT and we got a curry :(

I feel like such a failure as i had only lost 2.5lbs and now I havent even stuck to it and I got on safari a week today and wanted to loose just a bit at least!

what do i do?
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i love minimins me :)
hun, dont be soo hard on urself!!!!

2.5lbs was fab for last week, and u have stuck to sw as much as u could, it wasnt ur fault u had extra syns, if i was in ur situation i couldnt have done it either, and i doubt many people would have done anything different to u

just get back on track today :) n u still have 3 days till weigh in (inc today)

am sure u will be fine :)

please dont be soo hard on ur self, i am sure normally u would have eaten that and more n not thought about it?

When you think about it it really wasnt that bad - I used to beat myself up about it but when I thought about it my 'binges/when I went off track' were no where near like what I used to eat. Just move on from it now, dwelling on it changes nothing and continuing off plan will only make you feel worse. Good luck hun xxx

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