I wanna be like you guys!


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Hello Everyone,
I have been looking through everyones pics on the gallery, and even though i am really pleased for everyone!! it has made me feel a bit sad. I have always been ' the big girl with the pretty face' maybe thats who i am supposed to be etc.

I have 8 stone to loose ( Currently 17stone 10pounds) and it just seems like its too out of my reach, i would give anything to be able to put my pics up for everyone to look like. And i couldnt explain how much it would mean t o me to be comfortable in my own skin, i would give anything. But it just seems that i dont really have a chance. Its a huge amount to loose and i think i could get through it if i only had 2/3 stone to loose.. but 8 :( .........

This has been in the back of my head since i started , my chatterbox is saying 'why are you even bothering, you will never be like these people. Its good that i tried, but i just need to accept who i am'

Hope it doesnt seem like im just feeling sorry for myself, but i just needed to talk about it with someone. As i have no one in my little world who i can talk to really. My cdc is great, but again i never think i could be like her...

Help! Ziggy xxx:confused:
I have lost 10st12lbs, and I now weigh 10 st. 11 lbs. You CAN do it. Ann xxx
Hello! Welcome, its nice to see a new face around here.

I see what u say about losing 8 stone is a big big mission - but once u start losing you will feel so motivated that before you know it, 3 stone will have fallen off and u will feel amazing.

Believe me, it is not out of your reach. I once met a girl who was 18 stone and she lost 7 stone in 7 months - she looked amazing.

Let us know how u are getting on, be strong, we are all here for you!!
Ziggy - You ARE one of 'us people' ... with every pound down, you are a pound closer to those amazing 'before and after' shots and I for one can't wait to see them!

I think most of us identify with how you feel. For many years I felt like the kid with my face pressed against the sweet-shop window. All the goodies were inside and not for me. I'd see an inspirational picture of a woman in a mag who'd lost 7, 8, 9st+ and I'd think 'I wish that was me - I wish I was 'one of those people''. Then I'd feel even more of a failure because I couldn't be like them and I'd go and eat a bun!

Now here I am almost there ... almost at goal. When I was at my heaviest I had 12st to lose ... the weight of another person ... and I was just so daunted at the prospect of having to lose that amount.

But you have to just put your blinkers on, get your head down and keep chipping away. Before you know it, 1st becomes 2st ... then 3st and the next thing you know you've lost 4st and then you're into 'big loser land' :D

Not a single one of us lost a heap of weight overnight ... it was that chip, chip, chipping away that added up to something big. The good thing about a VLCD of course is that the chipping is pretty darned fast!

Stick with it - stay strong and come on here whenever you need a listening ear: there will ALWAYS be someone here for you.

Sending big hugs and positive vibes your way xx
;) Hey Ziggy!

:eek: Big hugs hun!
:rolleyes: Sounds like how I felt when I started with 6 stone to lose and if I heard one more person tell me how 'pretty I was' I thought I may explode! (Not much between us as the more you have to lose the quicker you lose it!That's the experience from my LL group anyway!)
:confused: I found the group dynamics of LL the most helpful part, especially to get going. Some people then went to CD when they felt more in control. I attempted that too to save money and also to get my hands on some different flavours and the REAL choc bars!! I have since, after a blip, restarted with LL and got week 1 WI tomorrow!

Maybe try LL to begin with and then when youre on a roll return to CD. Just an idea. May help as you will have a bunch of like minded people to talk to. Believe me I formed some strong friendships through LL.:D

:eek: Please don't think/feel that you can not do this or that you are meant to be the big/pretty girl. Initially that would be easier as the whole SS/weight loss journey is one hell of a ride and thats before maintenance sets in. But would it REALLY be easier to spend the rest of your life feeling like the large one, wondering what confidence you could discover if you were to lose the weight. :confused: Some people say they are happy being fat, Im not saying thats what youre saying but Im afraid I simply dont believe it. Look at Jo Brand she just takes the pee out of her self, is really defensive and grump as hell..symptons of obesity in my experience!:mad:

:D This forum is truly fabulous as is DH, although most people have come over here. Wherever you go in search of inspiration be sure that if you talk to someone on the same journey it WILL lighten the load! :D Try the arcade games, scrabble blast saved the day for me during the first week!x
Wishing you lots of love and luck!
:rolleyes: Keep posting!
Remember that beauty lies within but the way we feel about ourselves is often superficial..SAD but true! Think of your health too...

Thank you so much for your replies, i will keep doing what im doing, and hopefully in a few months you will be able to see a big diffrence.. hope so anyway!
8 stone!! Hey...that's my loss.

I started in Sept 2004. Felt so much better by Christmas 2004. Not slim, but certainly on the way there.

You've lost 2 stone already, so 1/4 of the way. Seems to take an age when you are doing it, but when I look back, it was quick as a flash.
I said exactly the same as you when I first started CD - and I also had 8 stone to lose. I now have just around 1 stone to lose to get to my target and I still take it one day (and one pound!) at a time.

I never looked too far ahead as I simply couldn't imagine losing so much weight. It seemed an impossible task!! What I did instead was to set myself 'mini goals' .. losing the next half stone, getting to the next stone down on the scales, rounded numbers (like 10 lbs, 20 lbs etc) - in fact, anything to keep me focused on the next goal.

We've all been just where you are now, honey - and I clearly remember never being able to imagine to post my 'after' photos. But I have done .. and so will you too!! :D
Hi ziggy

I'm sure we've all felt how you do right now, but hey 2 stone off already, that's BRILLIANT

You ARE sooo worth it and you really CAN do this - honestly it won't be that long before we see your photo's and WOW just think how FANTASTIC that will feel
Hi Ziggy

I felt EXACTLY the same as you when I started at 18st7, thinking I could NEVER lose 8.5 stone, it was just too much and I had let things get too out of hand. People used to say "Yeah but that's just you - big and funny and smiley" I was sick to the back teeth of being big and funny and smiley - I want to be slim and attractive and ten times as bloody smiley! Six months later I HAD lost 8st and though there were times when it was hard, it really was very quick and I suddenly was a "slim" person.

You are doing brilliantly and are already 1/4 of the way there so you can do it - you are doing it. I tried not to keep thinking of losing 8st as it seemed too unattainable, but thinking of whatever amount I managed to lose as a bonus and better than all my other failed diets and any loss being 100% better than any further gains. I never really thought I would get to goal just "if I get to 14stone I'll be so much smaller", "Oh well maybe 12 stone" "Blimey I'm 11 stone something - maybe I could really get to 10 stone?"

It is possible and you are well on your way - have faith in yourself and be proud of how far you have got already:) ,
Hey Ziggy!


I have about 8 stone to lose and I've already lost 2 stone. I started at 17 stone 13 lbs and although initially I was thinking that 11stone 7lbs would be ok.. I'm now thinking I'd like to get it down much lower - maybe 10 stone? I don't know as I've never been that slim before, so I can't really imagine being there. I was 11 stone for years and v. happy there so we'll see when I get closer.

I had a little head tantrum last week about how it just seems SO FAR away! Already I've been doing this 1 month and I know to get to where I want to be I'll still be doing this in February/March, probably even April!! :eek: And then there's the fact that in reality it's probably forever!!

Not really helping am I? :D

But, I'm focusing on what I'm going to look like. When I'm slim I'm going to finally dread my hair - always wanted to, but don't want to look like a joke. I'm going to wear great clothes - I picture myself in a tankini next summer!! I'm going to be able to do the triathlon I tried and failed to do before....

It's going to be bloody brilliant!

And you are too... I LOVE your avatar - it's true you are gorgeous - but what does my opinion matter if you're not happy with yourself. In 6 months time both you and I are going to be strutting our stuff and looking AND feeling gorgeous!! (That's what I had to repeatedly tell myself when all my mates were eating the world's most delicious curry last night!!)

Can't wait!! :D
Ziggy I know just where you are coming from! People would always tell me I was a pretty, happy thing but if they only knew how I felt inside! I started my VLCD journey on Aug 23rd at 17 stone 3 pounds and a size 24, as of today I am 13 stone 10 pounds and have just managed to get in a size 16 jeans! You can do this journey and I am sure it will get easier for you as the pouinds come off, don't get too down and do come on the forum and talk as I really am convinced that that's what has helped me:) Good luck and keep at it the end result will be fab!
reading all these supportive posts can only instill confidence in you - we have all done it / in the process of doing it / just starting out.
You are amongst friends who all have weight issues and will continue to do so!
It is a lifelong journey that we are al encountering due to our food addiction / genes / whatever else we call it and we are all at different stages!
You are at a very exciting stage because the scales will just keep going down and your excitement and satisfaction will keep going up!
Good luck - keep posting and your friends and family are right you do have a pretty face but just let them see you in 6 months..........
Hi Ziggy,

It does sound daunting, but really it is your 'chatterbox'. This diet is amazing, it really does work; just think by next summer you WILL have lost 8 stone...keep focusing on all those gorgeous summer clothes you will be buying. (And every month between now and then you will have to buy smaller and smaller clothes!).

Good luck and post whenever you need some help...even if you don't!
Hi Ziggy,

I'm in the same boat as you and have had the same feelings. We can do it!
Hiya Ziggy, you can and will do this - look at all these fabulous "losers" on here who encourage us and support our efforts!:D

2 stone off already - fan-flamin-tastic!:eek: :D

If that's your photo you aren't just pretty - you are stunning! I have had years (I'm 42) of having that good old... "you have SUCH a pretty face" speech... followed by the inevitable downwards glance and silence which screams out "but you are so damn fat!"... lol:rolleyes: :eek: Sod the lot of 'em hun.;)

Do this for YOU and no-one else. You will always be pretty no matter what size you are, you will always be you no matter what size you are.

8 stone is a lot, but these folks have managed to lose that and in many cases even more! It IS achievable. I have ummm... well I think it was about 14 stone to lose when I signed up but you know what.. don't even think of it that way. I can't or it seems impossible!

Just a day at a time sweetie - that's how to do it and just celebrate the loss! You're doing great and are definitely as Russian Doll says "one of us people!".:D