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I want chips!

Thanks hon. Keep trying to tell myself it's an emotional craving not a real hunger so trying to resist. At this rate i'm almost tempted to walk the 26 miles to my sister's house for some company! I've been thinking of moving back up the "big smoke" (aka Dublin) and this might just clinch the deal!
LMAO ..might get there in time to turn around again LOL.. be fun dodging the cars sliding on the road too
Slept in late so had a shake about 11, cup of tea and yoghurt at 2 and just had a healthy pork stirfry. Feeling a bit more motivated now i've eaten so thanks for helping stay focused. This forum is invaluable for that!
That's what this forum's here for! If there's not much going on, or if I don't feel like writing, I go over to the arcade and play majong. The game is 20 minutes, so by that time whatever craving I have is usually gone.
oh... that's a good idea!
Hi Gg

Hope your feeling better today your doing great. The chips would feel awful in your tum if you ate them now! Well done for resisting treats Friday, I managed to resist take away!
The snow must be a pain, ours isn't too bad and took the kids sledging yesterday (very big hill!). I have not laughed so much in ages and it certainly helped take my mind of food x
Morning all

How's the snow treating you? Just tried to walk down to town to weigh in in chemists (i refuse to have a scale in house) but had to turn back as it's too icy (we just had a major freeze last night) so will have to wait until tomorrow when there is a fresh dump of snow to walk on hopefully.

Thanks to all your help I resisted the chips and feel so glad i did as I didn't wake up today feeling full of guilt and self-disgust. Spent ages having a 3 way messenger conversation with some friends in Norwich yesterday and talked about me visiting at end in Feb and for first time in so long my reaction was "yeah that would be fun" rather than "oh no how am i going to get out of this, i have gotten so fat and they are so slim and pretty and i'll look crap blah blah".

So today's plan, as i can't get out, is a major blitz of housework to get some sweat going then Davina's DVD.. after I watch some TV first though lol.

Good luck all today

Oh Tallulah, if only it was just about the chips... lol. It's about having them delivered, the smell of the chipper off them, the garlic sauce to dip them in, the ones that are so soggy with oil they've broken off.....ok now i'm actually making myself feel sick lol.

LOL! I ge tthat sometimes, I can just imagine the smell of them and how they will taste.

But, when I have given in and got some, they're never as nice as you thought they would be so just keeping thinking that!!


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well done on resisting...
how are you feeling today?
and that is exactly what this forum is about.. help and support. im so pleased to see that its being used that way.. the makers of this forum should be so proud!
Hi Kes

Feeling a lot better and so so glad i didn't go off the rails over the weekend. Am going to have to make sure I have some stuff to do over my weekends to keep me busy and distracted :)

How are you doing?


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im not too bad. slowly getting over this cold... and im not sore after yesterdays workout so im over the moon about that...
need to get my bum into gear and get some work done here (at work) and then might even take the kids out if its not raining... might go for a walk.. hmmm lets see...

need to stop picking at thier food too.. (stupid habbit i got into and am trying to kick!!)

hope your doing ok!
Well talking about chips and picking kids food! They had chips and I picked!!! Only a few but got in from work and they were there ready and I had to cook my Tea. Had a small bowl of pasta and pesto (350 cals) so hopefully not too bad!
Is stopping at a few a change? would you have eaten more before and then had your own meal on top?

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