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I Want Chocolate!! ..

Hey evryone! so am new to this calorie counting, have been doing it for a few days and am finding it okay actually! but what do you do when you get these cravings??! i have eaten my calorie allowance for today (im aiming for between 1000 and 1200) and i am craaavving chocolate so bad!! does anybody have any tips for when your craving foods like this??! or any low calorie alternatives that will hit the spot? lol! thankyyoouu :) xxx
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I love my choc and when I get a craving I just fit it into my allowance, I aim for 1200 a day. Maybe go for malteasers or milky ways they are quite low in calories. x
I have found some skinny cow hot chocolate for only 37 cals a cup! this should do for tonight as thankfully theres no chocolate in the house! Thankyou for the advice though! I will leave some calories for the evening in future to fit some choccie in! its weird im usually a savourly girl! would much rather have cheese and crisps but lately ive been wanting chocolate! :) xx
skinny cow ice lollys are great too the choc ones are 97cals each i think and you can suck them and make them last! this week im leaving 100 cals for the end of the day for either a skinny cow if im feeling choc cravings or philadelpia extra light pot 38 cals and 10 mini bread sticks 5 cals each if im craving savory

nic x
I always leave cals for the evening as thats when I snack! Then, if I don't snack, I have saved some extra! Bonus!

When I do need a choccie fix, although the hot choc is nice, its not very substantial. I generally have a WW bar - they are about 80 cals and well worth it. If I just want something sweet then I have a mini twister at 40cals. If I want a savoury snack then I either have Skips or baked crisps or some crackers with philly.
Thats great advice for the skinny cow lollies nicola, im defenitly going to get myself some of those!
And Sarash i will defenitly make sure i save some calories for the evenings now! its a really good idea for those cravings! :)
My favourites for when im craving chocolate are options hot choclate for 40 calories a cup, and its even nice cold, like a milkshake! Or the chocolate flavoured mini milk ice lollies & an amazing 30 calories!! You could even have 2! :)

If i really want chocolate and nothing is going to be able to substitute it I find those galaxy bubbles the best thing. It feels like your eating a normal full chocolate bar (let the pieces melt in your mouth :D) but theres only about 160-170 calories - so half the amount of a normal bar.
Stops me wanting more unlike WW bars or milky ways

The ice lollys are a good tip though, it's getting to be the weather for them too. I'll have to get some in :)
I recently have started getting the chocolate chip cereal bars by kelloggs, they are currently £1.50 in Tesco express for 6 in a box and are 83 calories each taste far naughtier than they are so helps me and if I feel like being really bad with cravings I have 2 and still less than a average chocolate bar :)
If you want chocolate, have it! Iv had it all the way through and lost almost 4 stone
BUT i have less than 2 weeks til i fly to the Maldives and ims till not happy, just not sure i can give up chocolate...

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
The Alpen Light bars, chocolate & fudge flavour, are tasty but not very substantial but then they are only 60 cals each!

I'm also going to seek out these mini milks they sound amazing...

I recently bought these Kellogs Fibre Plus bars, dunno if they're new but I'd never seen them before, they look VERY chocolatey and say they give 20% of your daily dietary fibre, I haven't tried them yet but will be having one before I set out on my bike ride tomorrow and let you know if they're any good.

They also do a milk chocolate variety but I prefer dark.

EDIT: oh yeah, they are 100 cals each

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