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I want... (food mentioned)

some meat!

Normally, when I smell food I get a bit of a craving but it's just properly dawned on me that the one thing I crave is a piece of chicken or meat of some kind. No skin - just the meat (cooked of course).

I don't crave anything else really- no carbs just meat. On my way home a little while ago I had to fight the urge to buy a chicken thigh,from this colombian place, rip the skin off and eat it.

Does anyone else crave meat?

I think it's rather strange. I wasn't particularly a meaty person before. i just want some well seasoned meat/chicken/prawns.

Lol. I'm very worried about myself.

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Would it be very bad of me to say, if you crave a bit of chicken have some. I regularly have SS+ meals at weekends, and the chicken wouldn't do any damage to the diet. But well done you for keeping soo focussed.

I have craved a subway sub for the last 6 months, it was the last meal I had before starting and lodged itself in my brain.
chlo, i caved in sadly . just had some meat from the fridge :( i feel like an animal- i'm a carnivore
mrs essex is right, theres no problem with eating protein, i will hardy affect you at all! i have chicken and tuna and prawns when im really feeiling it else i would end up eating something really naughty!! it has never affected my weigh ins, and my re start week last week i lost 13lbs and i ate protein that first week and still got into ketosis ect xxx


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I think it is actually a good thing to have food every now and again, you don't want it to be too much of a shock at the end when you start eating again and go mad, and pile the weight back on. When I was researching which diet between CD and LL (way back), one of the things a specialist of some description commented on with CD was that is was a lot better because you got to eat occassionally, which meant that you learnt to control your food intake (not just packs).

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it.
All I have craved since the beginning is wholemeal toast! That is going to be my treat on Xmas morning lol.


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whilst i agree its ok to have the protein i do think its better if you can give yourself a ss+ week or 810 week so that you can feel that its on plan your in control and you will have no guilt feelings at all. I craved meat for a long long time and when i got to my 810 week and had some it wasn't nearly as nice as i imagined it would be.
Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have looked in this thread! :9529::sign0137:
ok, i feel alot better after reading all of your replies. thanks guys!

although, since yesterday my belly hasn't been the same. terrible wind and feeling like i need to go even though it hasn't happened yet! sorry if that was too much info. lol.

what's interesting also is what everyone is saying about craving things they didn't really eat lots of before. weird but true.


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