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I want to cheat cheat cheat

So far I have lost 18lbs in two weeks, without any slip ups at all. But tonight I am seriously craving a treat - a reward, anything that isn't a shake, a bar or a soup.

The thought of different foods is all thats in my mind at the minute.

My official WI is tomorrow - what do you think? To cheat or not to cheat? To treat or not to treat?
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I want to cheat too.... but DONT do it!!!!! Come on youe have come so far and had a amazing loss 18lb in two weeks i mean wow thats GREAT!! Tomorrow when you get on them scales it will all be worth it. Dont give in to you head monsters that are telling you to eat because thats all it is IN YOUR HEAD! you can do this be strong go have an early night and just forget about it hun! :D xxx
Thanks! I'll try my best. I appreciate everything you say, and I am proud of results so far! Have you ever cheated big time? If so what was it?

I am still craving for that take-a-away...


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Keep busy or go to bed.
Too cold to go out for a takeaway anyway. Paul McKenna was trying to convince one of the loose women ladies today not to eat chocolate by imaging it being chewed with your worst food in your mouth and mixing it with barber floor hair. Put me off my lunch & worked for her too.


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It's never worth it. Believe me.


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I should be at goal now but I am not due to cheats - so its not worth it at all.
Best to ignore the 'head monsters' or the 'diet gremlins' - they don't like the fact we are getting slimmer and more gorgeous with each successful week we complete on CD!
Don't cheat x
Don't worry I have not and will not be cheating!!! But there must be some of you out there who can reveal their worst cheat ever...?


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For me it was a large pizza last time I was on the diet. Haven't cheated this time though.


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Hi OXweight..

Not sure why you want to cheat, and undo all what you've done. 18lb in 2 weeks, is fantastic.. Thats 18lb gone, and if you cheat, think about what you went through to get it off.. The 3rd week is easier, if you honestly feel you need to eat speak to your CDC and maybe go up the plan, so you aren't tempted. Drink lots of water, as you must be anyway with that loss and I really wish you lots of luck on this. I'm on a re-start and 2 week's in, I've only really given it since Fri eve a real go, my head was not in it last week, but give yourself an aim and you'll push yourself with your incentive.



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i have never cheated, im on ss+ but what i still do is make a jelly with either gelatine or the mix a mousse, thats my bit of a treat after my ss+ meal, well it feels like a bit of a treat to me :)


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Nope it's def not worth cheating - if you do it once you're more likely to ddo it again ---- you're doing so well please don't ruin it.


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Thanks Mandy for jelly recipie, I think this would satisfy a sweet craving.
Ps. Tried to give you a rep point for another post, ha ha! but told to spread around my appreciation?! x


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Have you tried any of the recipes with your shakes? My CDC gave me a huge list of different things to try if I'm bored of the shakes and I see there is a sticky in this forum with recipes :)