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I Want To Cry!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey Guys :(

I am not having a very good day - have been on LT for 3 weeks now, had a TOTM couple days after starting LT that lasted a whole week! then had a couple of days of now i have TOTM again!!!! :cry: It's making me feel so down! I havn't had one for 3 years now, i get 2 within the space of 3 weeks! i am not impressed!

Is this just my bodys way of coping?
I am also scared i will not get the 5lbs i am hoping for this week cuz TOTM messes weight loss up right?! F****NG STUPID BODY!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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dont worry if you dont this week cos next week you will get a bigger loss as it evens itself out

just stay possitive and you will be fine


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But past two weeks i've been low (only 3.5lbs) and this week i thought ideal, no TOTM ideal ian beale! And now!!!
I'm so annoyed its unreal! :(
Hey bubz, I came on the other day ..i was on in the first week too after like 6 months w/o one. And im on again in the third week. It'll be alright, I know you think it might mess up and in a way it does but its okay cos when you go in next week you'll have lost alot more than you think. I know its a pain and it can be disheartening as its so random but it'll all be alright just try and hang on, you can do this. Think of the non existent totm when you're at your target weight:) chin up babe xxxx
dont feel too bad, mine was last week and i lost 4lb was hoping for 6 but you can never tell. you should still lose.


I will be skinny again!!!

it doesnt mean it defo will, I was on TOTM the end of my first week to the middle of my second!!

and 3.5 is a brilliant loss!!!

I know how annoying periods are, but the implant and the diet might not be mixing well and hormones are going everywhere causing you to have more periods than normal...
hey honey, i think the totm thing will sort itself out. my pharmacist told me that when you start this kind of diet it does make totm go all over the place at first. I wouldnt say that you will definitely have a bad week coz its totm, i think everyones different. I lost 6lbs when I was on totm and my week average is 4lb! so that was a shocker for me.
Like Adam and Ollie said, if you do have a bad weigh in because of totm you'll have a great one the week after so it will balance itself out.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Thanks for all your words of wisdom guys - its nice to be able to come on here and have floods of people reply to you!!
No way in hell am i giving this diet up - i actually love it too much! Its just the one bad thing (being totm) that is stressing me!

Thanks again guys - you're all wonderful! hehe x
hey hun, I know its a pain but keep trying to look at the overall picture. My first week on Lipotrim i was due, nothing much came, same happened a few days later, like the promise of something but nothing if you know what I mean. Now, I ahve been off lipotrim for nearly two weeks (so thats 5 altogether since last supposed TOTM) and bang! I get hit with the biggest, most painful period ever! I am feeling like crap, but glad its come now as I start the W8 on friday.

So, yeah its a dogs life and it does affect, but keep looking at the bigger picture :) xxxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I am demaris, thanks :D

I have just arranged to go to the gym (first time in like 5 years) on saturday and are planning to go every saturday so hopefully my weight loss this week wont be too affected!!
I have read before, LT does affect some peoples TOTM, for me first time round it helped, made them more reliable, if you know what I mean.

Hang in there chick x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hahaa i dont want them reliable! i dont want them atall!!!!! lol
Ohhhh ok, what contaceptive are you using?? I am assuming thats why you have had no TOTM's?


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I am on the Implant! But i stopped have them before i had the implant - which i think was due to being overweight!!
It could be your body adjusting to the weight loss, and if you were very much over weight, it wouldnt be uncommon that you could have stopped ovulating.

I know that its not nice and its annoying, but take it as a good sign that your body is starting to do its job right again honey.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yeah true!!!
Thanks honey x
No problem, just keep your chin up, and remember all these changes are a good sign, and that should keep you going, if you need anything just shout, even if its to moan honey :)
hiya unfortunately I cant comment as I have the depo injection and the only time i had a period was when i completely forgot to go for my reminder.
as the others have said it will all balance out

Chin up dont worry to much yu dont need the extra stress

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