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ok so ive gone quite abit over my cals today - dont know how much by because couldnt count my dinner very easily, but im guessing im up to around my maintenance cals. ive just had a bowl of special k because i was hungry but now i feel like going through the cupboards and eating all of my OH's junk food! i really know i shouldnt but as i know ive already gone over my calorie limit i just feel like, so what, il just get back on it tomorrow. please help!!!
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You are doing so well avoiding it by coming and posting ... I know how you feel ... we've all been there or are now! You've done well to control yourself and keep under your maintenance cals - don't think 'I've gone over my weight loss cals, might as well give in', think instead: 'I've not gone over my maintenance cals so I'm not losing weight today but at least I'm not putting any on!!!' Maybe have a hot de-caf drink like low cal hot choc or tea to sooth your stomach and make you feel fuller. Or knit - i remember reading somewhere that somebody does that to keep their hands occupied!!!


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how did you get on avoiding a binge honey? i felt very similar yesterday. i just wanted to buy and eat a massive bar of stodgy chocolate or cake, or anything sweet. i gave myself a stern talking to though. i wondered what my reasons were. couldn't really pinpoint them, although i did feel quite tired and a bit down yesterday. i also thought 'how long will that bar of choccie make you feel good for?' the only answer i could come up with was 'while i'm eating it'. i knew that straight afterwards i would feel like i'd let myself down. didn't want to sabotage my weigh in today either.

i managed to stay strong and i just ate a little extra ice cream. i then hauled myself off to the pub to see my friends, who occupied my thoughts with silly banter. i stuck to diet coke as i was driving. then when i got home i went straight to bed. binge-averted! i was v. proud of myself. hope you managed to avoid yours too, honey xx
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hey guys, thanks for your help. im afraid i have to say i didnt do so well, and have been off the diet until this morning. i feel so rubbish. its weigh in day today for me and it seems after being on the diet for 2 weeks (although intermittently) i have managed to put on 1.5 lbs. obviously im feeling very angry with myself. i know i need to slim down for holiday to feel comfortable and ive let myself down. its going to be really hard from now on if i want to get anywhere need my target. grrrrrrr.
as they say things can only get better and im going to work my socks off this week and i want a three pound loss - i know its managable as i have lost over three pound before when i weighed a little less than this so it can be done!!! il post on my other thread in a mo, and next time il make sure i avoid that binge!!!


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good luck, try not to be so hard on yourself, even the best folk have bad weeks!

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