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I want to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,
I really really really really really really want to eat something!!!!
I am into my fourth week of CD SS and I haven't strayed once, totally 100% which I am so amazed by and proud of.
now and then I have fancied something to eat but it hasn't been too overwhelming, but today....I want FOOD! Hot and tasty and yummy food. Or chocolate.
I can even picture myself eating it. I just can't get it out of my head :sigh:
I really don't want to eat something, as I am trying to loose as much as I can before I go to America in just under 2 weeks, when I will be eating, so am trying to tell myself to wait for that and then I can eat whatever I want. But it isn't working.
Anyone got any suggestions??? I don't want to have an 'allowed' SS+ meal, and don't have anything in the house that would work for that either really. Please help, I just want it to get out of my head!!! :cry: I am really not sure that I can resist.
Bingbong x
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...we're sinking deeper.
Be strong... You will only feel worse if you break your diet now. Ask yourself; is this a real hunger? Or is it an emotional hunger? What could be the cause for it? Could it be a hormonal response, or has something happened?
Write down how you feel, and explore it. Drink some water while you do it, or something warm like tea and coffee.

Hang in there!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Time to distract yourself.. look through your holiday plans, brochures or places you'll visit online :) Start looking at clothes etc you want to take with you :)

And most of all.. steer clear of the kitchen unless it's for water! :D

IF you really MUST eat, then read the green and white section of your CD book and go onto SS+ ;) better that than cheating.
I really want to eat today, but i'm not going to because i know as soon as i do, I will regret it and so will u, so be strong and find something to do, take ur mind away from food. U CAN DO IT.


Fighting the Flab!
do something to take your mind off of it.

paint your nails, write a list of the clothes to pack for america, go for a walk, phone a friend.

good luck
p.s. i want to eat too and i'm only on my 1st day!
I sooooo understand how you are feeling at the moment. I went to the bathroom just a minute ago, stared at myself in the mirror and nearly screamed, "I'm hungry, I want to eat something!"

Stay strong. Stay out of the kitchen. The urge will eventually pass.
I know how you feel and i am only on my 1st day!

Go have a hot long bath with a book, go thro your travel plans, jsut DONT EAT! You will feel bad afterwards and you have worked so hard.

Good luck
I totally sympathise, i had real bad hungar - and had a omlette earlier but told myself it was protein, but know i must have chicken available as i am a SS+ girl.

Dont feel bad for SS+
Thanks so much everyone!!! So lovely to read all your messages and encouragement. I was totally obsessed with eating, couldn't think about anything else for ages. It was really horrible, I wasn't hungry, I was just really stressed and frustrated about something.
Thankfully I rode it out and suddenly the urge passed. Phew!!! I went out and took only the exact money that I needed, so that I couldn't stop and buy anything. And where I was someone had bought donuts and I resisted, there was a quarter of one left and I was tempted with that biut didn't.
So impressed and amazed that I got through it. And thanks for all your help!! I am hoping that tomorrow gets better!
Good girl each refusal makes you stronger, I have just returned from America and was able to ware and feel good in the dresses and clothes that did not fit me last time I went away, they had to be left at home. i still have away to go but at this stage the feeling was still good, much better then giving in to temptation!!! Also I came of CD for the month I was away. Had weigh in today and.......
STAYED THE SAME!!!!! weight as last weigh in*****


...we're sinking deeper.
As long as you're careful, I guess it goes to show that - even if you cheat a little (so long as it's not eating 24/7 and on complete rubbish) You really won't balloon out of existence. :D


is going to loose!
Great work on resisting. i feel like this today I want to eat, but going to have a shower and off to bed with a mag.



Team 1 all the way!
Bingbong, where in America are you going? If it's Florida, have a look on www.thedibb.co.uk - full of amazing hints, tips and great threads in the forum. They also have a food section in forums, with photos of the food. I have spent ages drooling over the food. Helps me to keep focussed as I know I can have that food in August! Lol. It's food porn.
Brilliant idea about the teeth washing! Sometimes it's all that it takes.

What is it with the 4 to 6 weeks mark? I seem to find it harder as well. Not hungry per se more than envious some people are able to have the yummy things. (going on 7th CD week and have been totally 110% so far)


Fighting the Flab!
My belly is rumbling like its posessed ... but i don't want to eat ... is that strange??
Day 3 tomorrow ... i'm pooping myself after reading that days 3-5 are the worst :(

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