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I want to make a cream sauce!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Okay, I have never cooked with cream before and had only just mastered the white sauce for lasagne recently :rolleyes:

I am wanting to make a sort of creamy mustardy peppery sauce for steak and mushrooms. Now my hubby (who is a chef in a pub) has said he hasn't a clue how to do it without making a 'roux' (sp?) first, but thats out for us low-carb'ers.

Can anyone help me out? I'm worried about making a curdled mess that will put me off cream for life and I don't want to do that cuz its yummy LOL :D
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Hmm... I have a lovely sauce recipe which is just double cream, Marsala wine and seasoning reduced - it doesn't need a roux base - but obviously Marsala is out!

You could put some double cream and a little stock with mustard mixed into it into the pan that you've just cooked the steak in then reduce it down while the steak's 'resting'. It will get quite thick and won't split/curdle if you use double cream (always use double cream for cooking - single just curdles!). And it will pick up all the lovely steak flavours.

Er, why am I suddenly fantasising about steak at 10.30am??!
yes that's how I'd do it as well Rela, you could add a drop of a dry white wine maybe?

and yes, I'm dreaming of steak as well :)


Wannabe Lean!!!
Thanks so much! :D I will give it a try, do we need to use a specific kind of stock or will Oxo cubes be ok? I never thought to check for carbs on them as I assumed they were out.
Rela, I think Miss Macaw meant the stock from frying the steaks.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Groovy, well its for tea tonight so fingers crossed LOL :D
You'll have to keep us posted, I'd love to know how it went darling.
Hiya there guys hope u dont mind me jumping in here but i need some advice, I started atkins ystday and have read the books and think iv overloaded my mind!!! Im so confused as to how i can eat all the things such as sauages and cheese and mayo, then still have enuf carbs to eat the daily allowance of veg i.e Today iv had

2 sausages 4 carbs
4oz cheese 2 carbs
mayo 4 tbs 2 carbs
breakfast bar 2.1 carbs

Thats 10.1 carbs already and would mean im not getting my daily carb intake from veggies as i should! Am i missing something here or am i really thick? Please help
Jules you need to find some 100% meat sausages, I know Tesco do them, they are pricey though.

That Mayo seems a bit carb high to me, is that right. I'll have to check when I go home. Although I did find a link to a good site yesterday.

And yes, you are looking at the Majority of you carbs coming from green leafy vegetables.
Oops - when i said stock I actually did mean the Marigold Vegetable Bouillon powdered stuff as well as 'pan juices'... Didn't think it might be out of bounds for induction (I've been using it all this time :eek:). I thought it was OK cos people on VLCDs sometimes use it as a savoury drink. Checking the label, it is quite high carb, although it doesn't have any of the MSG flavour enhancers you get in Oxo, Knorr etc. What are your thoughts, Jim? By the way, wow, you really are proof that low-carb works.

Hope the dinner worked out, Rela, and congratuations on your fab two weeks' worth of weight loss.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Well, what can I say, I have blown myself away! It tasted awesome! I fried the steaks first (had them marinading all day in olive oil and cracked black pepper), took them out the pan and put mushrooms in, 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, turned the heat right down, then just poured the cream in slowly whilst stirring it all round. Poured over the steaks and OMG it was GORGEOUS!!! :D

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