I want to make changes for good


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Hello all .....:wave_cry:

Not sure whare to start but I will start by introducing myself....My name is Kate and all my life I have battled with my weight, I was a chubby child that completely slimmed down in my teens and throughout my adult life since I had my children I have battled with two stone. I have lost it many times only to gain it back again within a year. The last time I lost weight three years ago I was 8 stone 12lbs and being a curvy girl that I am, it did not suit me at all.

Around about that time I gave up smoking and I gained so much weight that I started to have health problems. I crept up to 12 and half stone so thought enough was enough and here I am yet again :rolleyes:. I am determined to break the cycle for good and I would love to hear all your stories about what works for you ...reading through the forum I have realised that I am not alone, and the majority of us real women are all in the same boat.

I am really enjoying the ww programme and I am amazed that I seem to eat so much as its different this time as fruit is all free. My first weigh in is tomorrow and to be honest I dont know how I could of possibly have lost weight with what I have eaten this week but we will see. I dont keep scales in the house anymore as they tend to control me and my moods so therefore a weekly weigh in will be good enough for me.

I have enjoyed reading all your inspiring stories, tips and advice. I hope you all succeed in your weight loss journey best of luck to you all :D:D:D
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