I want your top tips for rtm,

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  1. jowray100

    jowray100 Active Member

    Rtm Experts i need your help. please can i have your top tips for rtm. I start on the 21st april. Im down to were i want to be and ready to go
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  3. Deb G

    Deb G Well-Known Member

    Stick with it to the letter.

    DON'T 'borrow' from next week.

    DON'T see it as an open invite to go out and eat what you want when you're out and about - stick to foods within your week! (ie - we ate out, and I rang in advance to ask the chef if I could have an omelette with green salad in advance - therefore I enjoyed eating out, AND stayed within my rules).

    READ your book carefully!

    MAKE the recipes - the veg curry and ratatouille are to DIE FOR! Better than anything I've ever had before!

    BUY sugar free jelly and keep it made up in single portion pots in the fridge.....great in an emergency.

    Yoghurt - Total 0% Greek Yog is FABULOUS stuff. If it's too sharp for you, add a spoonful of SPlenda (2 cals a tsp) to it.

    Don't look at weight loss/gain in RTM - try to pick your ideal weight and stay within 3 pounds of it....that way you won't feel disappointed when you gain.....afterall we're not machines and our bodies WILL fluctuate!
  4. silhouettes

    silhouettes Well-Known Member

    I would say, be careful with what you are eating, especially foods with sweetners in. Sugar free drinks and sugar free jelly is a complete no no for me to have in the house. I cant stop at one portion and i get a 'sugar high then low' from consuming them.
  5. Linze01

    Linze01 Well-Known Member

    Mrs Lard, the guru of all Lighterlifers everywhere wrote a marvellous post which is on the first page of the RtM thread. It's a total inspiration for us all and should be required reading! Have a look...
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