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I want.......................

Dontknow how right so dont quote me, but if you cheat on anything mushrooms area safe bet.............only here say so far;)x


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Didnt mad Dave crave mushrooms gaz?!!! somebody did?! x
Dave was magic ham sarnies not magic mushrooms:D x


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Dunno he was/is on something!! xx
When i was cravin shees and onion walkers crisp, that nearly jumped from my cupboard and directly onto my thighs, som eone on here advised me that if I was gonna cheat, then mushrooms are the safest bet.
But just ride it out lottie, distract urself!
apologies for the spelling:)
when i first started i craved pasta like mad and when i did have a tiny bit i didnt taste as good as i thought it would big disapointment !!!!


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Ah,Lottie,I didnt think I would ever find someone who ate raw mushrooms like me,my hubby thinks I am weird (probably right) but I love em.


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Raw mushrooms are what get me through SS (well SS+mushrooms!). If I absolutely HAVE to eat something I get a raw button mushroom and nibble at it - teeny bits at a time whilst drinking water. Ok, occasionally I shove 3 or 4 in my mush at the same time and chobble them dead quick......but that's rare!

I think you'll be alright with the occasional raw mushroom, Lottie. They don't seem to do me any harm.


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I think youre all mad..i hate mushrooms!! Im with Babyboo, nothing will taste as good as you thought and you risk being knocked out of ketosis xx
I was dreaming about food again last night... crisps.. and Im not a particular fan of crips.. weird!


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I had such a weird food dream the other nite...
I dont even want food but it dosent stop me dreaming about it!!!


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I love mushrooms...........the normal kind. You'll be fine with having mushrooms...they will not effect your ketosis. I wouldnt view that as cheating, the only problem is will you open the floodgates by allowing food to pass those lips!!
The girls had biscuits with their tea today..... mmmm.... biscuits my biggest downfall :( BE STRONG!!!

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