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I was bad last night :(

Well i gave in, i was at my friends and we went to the chippy and it was my first time going into the place and i was being so strong but of course my mates started ur not going to put on a stone by eating a chippy so what didi i friggin do eat a sausauge supper!! :break_diet: dont get me wrong i enjoyed it but really was it worth it??!?!?!? no i dont think it was!

so im up this morning back on track! dont think ive been kicked out of ketosis which is a god send as i thought i would of been.. still not feeling hungry still freezing cold. can't believe though 2nd week i blipped what a nugget i am!!!!!!!!! it wasn't even like a biscuit it was a full sausage supper with brown sauce!!!!!
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Jodie, opps, dont worry about it, your back on track and thats the main thing, if your still in keto your a very lucky girl,i just have to look and a chip and Im out of ket, congrats on getting back on track.
as long as u bak on trak put it behind u and stick with it its so hard, am on my first week and had 2 small blips, its soo hard but keep going we all in same boat
im going to totally dread standing on those scales on thursday if i have put down i will never forgive myself !!! :( totally going to get a put on or just a 1lb loss!! devestated as i was really looking forward to hitting my stone goal this week!!! :(
oh my god u lost ten pounds las week, i feel same if i dont loose tonight i will kill myself as its been torture trying to do ss
Oh well, if you are going to be bad, you might as well have something really worth being bad for.

Sausage supper sounds delish I have to say.....

Sometimes I worry about this forum as it just puts ideas in my head ;)

u will loose hun no bother!! lol least u didnt wolf down a full sausage supper covered in brown sauce ahem and maybe lol a little mayo!!

oh no that sounds really bad, i dont even know why im getting so peed off with myself no1 is perfect and im far from perfect i made a mistake everyone does but i really really wanted to hit 1 stone this week!! i weight myself this morning and its saying im 17stone on the button but i dont trust my mothers scales!!
oh my god sausage supper with mayo oh my god heaven dont worry yes u r human so put it behind u
drink loads water and u b fine
Right put it behind you its gone now and onwards and upwards now :)))) good luck with the weigh in and if its not fab concentrate on next week which will be ! xx


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You wont have put weight on hun. Just probably not had a fantastic weight loss, as you could of had. But I think there will be a loss there for you. Next time tell your friends NO! They have to understand how important this is to you.
Good luck for tomorrow.
How did u make those b4 & afta pics:)
Bad Jodie...lol. Dont worry too much. Atleast ur back on track now and u know how bad it feels to give in, so hopefully it wont happen again. Up the water and im sure ul have a good loss. Stay positive.

p.s: U really know how to do it in style....i mean big time!!! lol :)
style is my middle name, but really drinking loads today and ive had my packs so hoping im going to lose still 4lbs!! hopefully!! i bloody better lol if not im going to be slightly peeved off with myself!
Aww jodie..dont beat yourself up, we all have done this, especially me on more than one occasion and my hubby should know better and he wanted chippies( i wont be doing it again as i put on 1lb today and i feel bitter about it, so back on track for me tomorrow


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Hunny, I did the same last night - 'cept I was on a chocky bender (now called a 'food paddy'). Lets carry on with this. I want to see the dial creep backwards - how bout you? :)
Hi Jodie - Im the same as you was made up last week first weigh in on saturday and lost 11lb so why on earth did I end up eating chinese the same night been gutted all week but ur so lucky im still not in ketosis yet and been doin the ss since sunday let us know how u get on Thursday !!!
Don't worry about it now, no point crying over spilt milk. Just get on with it and because you are still in ketosis fingers crossed you reach your stone mark.

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