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  1. Caroline83

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    Right so I'm going to start a diary because I'm going to be here a while probably well after a lot of you are off maintaining and enjoying life. I have 12stone 4lbs to lose in total but as that seems like a mammoth task I'm going to just take it a stone at a time. I know that it is more than achievable I have seen many people on here lose that and more :)

    This is my third and final time on Cambridge, I lost a few stone for my wedding 4 1/2 years ago then 7 stone 3 years ago to allow me to have my little boy and now he's 18 months I'm back to get the body I have always dreamed of.

    Anyway my journey so far I have just had my third weigh in and have lost a total of 1st 5lbs in three weeks and I'm over the moon especially because my consultant does stickers and rosettes for milestones (much like slimming world) so I have 2 shiny stickers on my card and a 1 stone rosette on my fridge. It sounds dead childish but they really motivate me.

    Enough ramblings for now I think lol
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  3. apple pie

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    Your not on your own I have around the same amount as you to loose. Sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb. I'm good all week, then the weekend I'm fighting my temptations.
  4. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    Thanks apple pie the weekends are tough defiantly. I spend quite a bit of time in the bath :)

    I'm finding that this Cambridge journey is so different to my last one it is harder and easier and the difference is my little boy. Last time I just avoided food but this time I cant do that because he still has to eat but he makes it easier because he is my motivation. I never want my boy to ever feel any of the thing's I've felt over the years while struggeling with my weight. Luckily he is young enough and Cambridge works fast enough that he should never even remember that mammy was fat.
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