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I will NOT be a fat bride.

So, the exciting news is that my boyfriend, Gav of 2 years has proposed to me!
And I, of course, said yes!

So after all the excitement calmed down, reality set in.
I need to buy a wedding dress.

Suddenly, I was filled with dread and worry at going into a bridal shop and either not finding anything to try on, or looking massive and stupid. :(

Terrifying as it all is, I think this is the motivation I need.

Last year I lost 4 1/2 stone and due to laziness have since put 3 of that back on. I feel fat, disgusting and like I don't want to go out.
I tried to buy a new summer dress and I just looked pregnant. I'm NOT having that.
I'm a very sociable girl and for me not to want to go out because I don't think I look good in anything is proof I need to do something.

MY future mother in law joined Slimming World on my recommendation last year and has lost nearly 6 stone!
I'm so proud of her and she looks fantastic but I can't help but in the back of my mind, be jealous because if i had stuck to it, I would be at target now.
She often thanks me for motivating her to go and join up, but I can't do it for myself!!

I haven't weighed myself in weeks but I''m going to do it tonight when I get home from work and if i'm honest, i'm dreading it.
I know just how much rubbish I have eaten and drunk and it's no ones fault but mine.
I'm estimating that I will need to lose 5 stone or more. But i will update this tomorrow.

I really hope I have your continued support from everyone at Minimins and it will be a happy ever after for me. :D

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Ohhhh congrats on the proposal and the getting married. You ever thought of going with her? or is it not good for work. Aim for 1-2lbs a week and with slimming world that is compleatly possibly, some weeks may be less some more the body is a weird thing.
Congratulations on the impending nuptials Britt! Get on the wagon now and you'll be able to slink down the aisle. Good luck hun!
woohooo many congrats! Now the concentrationa and hard work will begin. You have done it before so you can do it again!

I am sure every1 will support u as much as they can!

I have my 3rd weigh in today :(

Feeling v v nervous x
congrats hunny! i saw your post and I honestly know how you feel. I have always struggled with my weight but have been able to keep it under control (ish) through SW. However my dad suddenly passed away last year and in 9 months i managed to put on 7 stone :( i am getting married next year to my gorgous boyfriend of 7 years and I am dreading it :( just like you I have been making excuses not to go out and just feel awfull all the time :( good luck and I hope we can make it together!


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I think the best thing to do is go and try on dresses NOW. Yes, now!!! have you set a date?

the longer you leave it - the harder it is to focus. I have ordered my dress now and its a US 12. It is too small and i need to slim into it. Talk about motivation to keep to plan.

I need to lose about 2 inches from my back to be comfortable in my dress, and i only have 6 months left to do it.


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Awww congratulations Brittany :) when did you get enganged?
What a fantastic incentive to lose the weight you want to lose. You can definintely do it with SW and the amazing support on this forum. Get a date set and all systems go go go! You will make a gorgeous bride xxxx
Ellebear is spot on!! I did not slim for my wedding - but I bought a dress in a specific size months before hand, and then had to make damn sure I could still get into it on the day. This made me far more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth and was a real motivator to at least maintain my weight instead of piling on like I had for years.
Just be realistic about the size you buy so you don't put TOO much pressure on yourself and also be aware that something which suits your body shape now, might look very different when you are 5 stone slimmer!! Congrats!!
good point - i have 2 inches to lose, so not too much of a stress.....if it was say 10 inches i think i would be resorting to more drastic measures than my 'one pound a week' motto.
Thanks everyone.

The wedding has been booked for Saturday 24th November 2012.
But because it's so far away, that's what is making the lazy part in me go;
"Ah, don't worry! You've got AGES!"
Thanks everyone.

The wedding has been booked for Saturday 24th November 2012.
But because it's so far away, that's what is making the lazy part in me go;
"Ah, don't worry! You've got AGES!"
You've got nearly 18 months, which is a fair amount of time. 1lb a week for 70 weeks (which is mid august next year) = 5 stone!!:)
Realistically you need to have ordered your dress at least 4 months before then (ideally 6) to make sure it turns up in time etc, and if you need it taken up or anything you have time. So why don't you do whatever plan you feel with work for 6 months to see how you go, and then you can start looking for dresses. By that time you could be a couple of stone lighter so will have a better idea of what your weight is likely to be in November.

The other thing is to ask advice in the bridal shops. Some dresses can be altered if necessary, others can't, so take this into account.

and also - you won't be made to feel unwelcome in the bridal shops. They have loads in larger sizes and often say that alot of dresses suit you better if you have curves.


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I set the date for my wedding last sunday too and also have 5st to lose by june 2012 no exact day decided yet but i too am not going to be a "fat bride" maybe we can keep eachother motivated cause i too can be lazy so going to be tough but im sure we will do it xx


this time - the last time

Well - I have struggled with motivation before, but now Im engaged I definitely have found the 'edge' I've been missing.

I've set myself a goal of losing 8stone for my December 2012 wedding. I, like you, am TERRIFIED of going Dress shopping. Ellebear's advice may work for you, however is you're like me, one bad experience in a dress shop might put you off forever! I have set myself a goal - 1.5st above my ideal weight - which is when I'll go dress shopping. I hope this will not be a traumatic experience (!) And should help motivate me through to the end. If I went at my current weight (or my start weight almost 4st heavier!) it would more likely push me into a binge, than help with my losses!

Set yourself little goals. Don't set your goal as your wedding date. It's too far away, and you'll let yourself find excuses. Instead, set yourself mini goals and deadlines.

For example, I am setting myself a birthday target, holiday target, goal wedding dress shopping date etcetc.
Also, my big aim is to be at goal, hopefully this side of Christmas. I really want to lose weight for the wedding, but for life too! I want to love looking at the pictures, but don't want to be yearning to be that thin again. So - I want to spend 6-12months, in the run up to the wedding, maintaining my weight. I think maintenance will be as difficult as the weightloss, so with the motivation of the wedding I am more likely to succeed. I also don't want the stress of still needing to lose weight in the run up to the wedding!

Sorry - bit of a ramble. And apologies if I have assumed you have the same, terrible, habits I have!

Good luck!
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Dont worry about how people will react in Wedding dress shops. The consultants will not suggest anything which will not suit your figure, and will stear you away from stuff you choose which will look wrong. I took 2 friends with me to one shop, and they were bringing me stuff to try on - she just kept on saying no, no, no, no. no take it all away - it won't suit her and you will ruin her self confidence!! My friends were following my brief (simple, non fussy, no lace or frilly bits) but the consultant just knew that it wouldn't suit me. Wedding Dress shopping is loads of fun!
I did have a horrible experience where she was pegging me (horrid) into tiny dresses-but dont be put off - try and get some idea of the shops attitude before you try on any dresses!

I found a great shop that stocked my favourite designer and I have a beautiful dress being made for me!! I just hope I can shrink into it lol xxx 2 inches to go I think!!!!

I breifly worked in a bridal shop, they are great at helping people of all sizes. That being said, I'm sure you can lose the weight before your wedding. And you'll look stunning!

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