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  1. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi peeps
    I've been lurking around this board for a fortnight but today is Day 1 of SS.

    I'm a 38 year old married, working mum of a 7 year old (who's as fit as a butchers dog and who's energy levels I envy). I've got 4 stone to try and shift. I've gained a stone for every year I've had my business. My business is my passion and also my nightmare!

    I own a catering trailer which is permanently sited on a lovely marina. We are famed for our lovely Bacon Baps and Cream Teas amongst other lovely naughty bits and pieces. This morning I took delivery of all our ice cream mini tubs and had to wrap 12 Danish Pastries, 12 muffins, 24 choc chip shortbread the list goes on!

    Busy days are fine as I don't get chance to graze. Rainy/cold days are awful as it's like being sat in a 16ft x 8ft cake tin!

    Today I tucked in to an apple and cinnamon porridge. Oh my! It was horrid. I could've cried at the thought of eating that for the next however long. I texted my CDC as I only managed to force a third of it down ans she suggested a choc shake which (thankfully) was much better!

    Here's hoping for a sunny, busy weekend so I don't have too much time to sit and think about what I'm surrounded by! Roll on next Thurs night weigh in. It WILL be worth it!
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  3. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Oh good luck! I. It's say before this diet your job sounds like my dream job but now I'm on the diet I don't think I'd cope! Your determination will be the key to your success! How is your first day going for you? Feeling ok? Just keep drinking!!

    yeh the porridge, in my opinion are totally disgusting! I've never gotten on with those, the rice pudding or any of the soups tbh! But I am quite fussy! I just stick to milkshakes and after two weeks I went onto bars once a day! X
  4. bintie22

    bintie22 Member


    I think i'm doing ok, i'm flipping hungry but thats hardly surprising! If I can get through the first week while my body adapts i'm sure i'll be ok.

    I suffer a lot with headaches so i'm a bit apprehensive about that, i'll just try and keep drinking as much water as poss and hope that keeps them at bay.

    I'm slightly concerned that i've only been given one sachet of soup, I think i'll miss savoury stuff - i may ask the consultant if i can swap the gross porridge for soup? Or are they really that bad??

    Your weightloss is amazing! Is it your first time?
  5. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Ha ha this is like my fourth or fifth time! But I never lasted any longer than three or four weeks!! So I'm doing really well! I think maybe I didn't want it enough on the previous attempts and I didn't drink as much water as I am now....I was only drinking 2.5 litres and sometimes not even that so I'd only get a 2lb loss after the first big weigh in and because of that my mindset would always become negative and I'd swap to slimming world! But then I'd get impatient give up and eat myself fat again!

    This is time I'm drinking between 3-4 litres and I really believe that's what is giving me the good losses :) Plus I was totally fed up with how I looked and couldn't bear it anymore!! I'm in week six now and I've definitely found my groove, it's still tough and I still have little battles with myself over wanting food!!

    Try the soups....it's such a personal thing, what works for one doesn't work for another..I found them too salty but then I never put salt on anything! The first week can suck because it is trial and error and you do come across some shocking tastes ! I'm sure your consultant would let you swap xxxx
  6. will-i-am

    will-i-am Member

    I have the spicy chilli soup and quite enjoy it, but not sure id want one every day. As for porridge I can just about tolerate the pecan one but still prefer a chocolate shake over any of them. Good luck with your first week, I certainly admire your will power... Bacon sandwiches and ice cream probably account for at least 2 stone if what I have to lose .
  7. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Well I'm half way through day 4 and have been 99.99999% on track! I've just been food shopping to cook my lovely husband a fab birthday dinner for tomorrow. I was walking round M&S foodhall and they were giving away samples of toast with pate, they were (honestl) the size of a 10p. I ate one without giving any thought to it. About an hour later it suddenly dawned on me that I'd eaten something! I'm positive it won't have made a difference but just made me acutely aware that sometimes I eat and I'm not even consciously aware of doing it!

    Super busy day at work yesterday, don't think I've ever made so many Sausage and egg sandwiches and breakfast baps in my life! Managed to get through on one Cappucino shake - which my colleague reminded me looked suspiciously like a problem I'd taken my dog to the vets to treat! I've certainly learnt this week which products I like and which ones are vile!!

    Anyway, 3 more days til weigh-in - let's hope it's worth it!
  8. Sparkles*

    Sparkles* Full Member

    Hey everyone -I am on day 5 I know I shouldn't but I just weighed myself and I am down 9lb I have 5stone to loose heres to the beginning of my CD! Love reading everyones stories so inspirational.Best of luck everyone.
  9. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi Sparkles - well done!! I'm soooo tempted to get on the scales but determined to hold off til Thursday! It better show a bloomin good loss or i'll be cross!
  10. Nuggett01

    Nuggett01 Member

    hi everyone- im also in the beginning again as eat carbs last week (only twice but still).... keep only losing 2lb in past 2 weeks (im week 3 coming up to my 4th weigh in) and by reading the posts im pretty sure its because im not drinking nearly as much water as I should be... so decided to join for motivation... I finish maternity leave in august and want to go back to work a new woman (so to speak) and I was about 17 the last time I was 9 st so might be a challenge ...which im determined to do! :)
  11. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi Nuggett

    Welcome to the party! Good luck with your plan for going back to work, I think most of us would love the opportunity to 'wow and surprise' people with the new look. I'm aiming to become known as the incredible shrinking chef lol! Best of luck with your journey and congratulations on becoming a mummy!
  12. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Day 6!! Roll on tomorrow!
  13. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Ooooooooo! Good luck for tomorrow! Eeeeek! You're sooooo good not to weigh yourself! I'm useless, every morning without fail! In fact I've noticed a pattern, scales drop day after weigh in and then nothing till weigh in day! (But I still weigh every day out of curiosity!) you've been so strong, how manage to cook ALL day without caving is such a remarkable achievement! Xx

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