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I wish i could put on all my lost weight, and start CD all over again!

god yeah. when I first did CD I was so desperate and focused - nothing was gonna stop me. then 3 months and 4 stones later my birthday arrived, I was convinced I could manage just one meal then get straight back on, but one meal led to a weekend binge, then my bluddy hair started falling out and then I had the excuse to stop.

4 flaming months its taken me to finally get back into the zone. I could have been at target by Christmas if Id just kept going in the first place.
It was my birthday "meal" that stopped me too!


To infinity and beyond!
Totally agree, first time is the golden time.

Hope any 'about to start CDers' are reading this and taking note :)
It was my birthday "meal" that stopped me too!

I was convinced I would be "the one" that would find it so easy to get back on track - I mean I had found it easy for three months, what harm would it do having one day off?

It has taken me about 4 or 5 attempts to finally get a weeks SSing under my belt. I am not coming off SS for ANYTHING now until I am at my goal weight.
I hear you!!! Exactly the same!

People, dont come off SS for your birthday!!
Right you lot, pull those fingers out, keep on ssing and make sure that you don't put a post on here like this again. You can all do it this time you know you can. Think about a birthday next year or later this year when you'll be all skinny and naturally make great choices or be that good at knowing what your body needs you'll be able to balance your week for a special meal out. I'm lucky, had birthday in Jan so it's gone and next year I'll be doing something yummy yet healthy maybe with a shandy. I am hoping for another baby soon but want to enjoy this body first for a little while.
I've asked dh and once I've balanced and maintained after this last 33lbs he's taking me to this japaneese place where they cook your food at the table and I can't wait to have loads of seafood yum, it's my latest craving, the cake one has worn off hee hee.
Get on your cd horses ladies, let's get done by May at the latest!!!!!!!! (not inc maint)xx Loving your pic Leah, it's you isn't it??????
it is sarah :D


Gone fishing
Okay, so you can't go back and make a brand new start, but here's your chance to make a brand new ending :clap:
Okay, so you can't go back and make a brand new start, but here's your chance to make a brand new ending :clap:
nice one KD !!!

I like that......

Debz xx
KD you made me cry!! But then again I'm tired and emotional and may just have cried anyway!!

HUGS to you all, let's celebrate your new endings xxxx

No soppiness.
yes! WOOOO!
I am on my 17 aniversary of my 21st birthday this year .Im deffo not 37 at the mo xx oh and I got my small size 14/16 coat that a 21 year old would wear today .Cant wear anything under it or do over deep breaths but Its on
On is on in my book Mandy, who needs to do it up! Well done!!


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