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I wnat some chocolate


Got to do it this time
muller light???? or some wheatabix with sweetner? No really good sorry, chocolate isn't my down fall wine is however I am dying for a glass of wine right now but am telling myself It's not that I can't have it - I am choosing not to have it.

Also - I am take every 15 mins as it comes eg. I will re-asses how I feel at 8.45 and if I want wine I will go get it - or I will then see if I can last until 9pm - take each 15 min slot at a time
Fibre plus are lovely, a bit more like real chocolate then Alpen lights. How about some hot choc? I know it's not the same but would last longer and be far better for you. Or mix a highlights with some FF or yog and dip strawberries in. Nice and sweet and might help.:)


Got to do it this time
yum Laura! that sounds nice.........

see I have re-examined the need for wine and am going to wait until 9pm lol


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I have kit kats for my chocolate fix, 5.5 syns for the two finger ones (my favourites are the caramel ones!)

I've recently discovered Skinny Cow ice creams as well, but they don't hit the spot in quite the same way as real chocolate...
I get them from Asda so they must be in most supermarkets. Only one for a B whereas Alpen lights are 2 but they are particularly yummy.


Got to do it this time
If they are rolling around Lounge then they will be hard and frost bitten! Just disgusting I reckon!!!! lol

Only 4 mins to go and then you can have it if you want or see if you want to think again........
hun if you want chocolate and have the syns get it hun then break into small pieces and savour it.
mini milky bars 3.5
freddos 5
chomp 3
curly wirlys 6

mini milk ice creams are 1.5 and i find they help
i'm a chocoholic and i have one of the above daily
I tend to have some relatively low syn lollies like mini twisters (2.5 syns each) for moments when I get a chocolate craving as usually having something sweet sorts it out.

Something to bear in mind is that 16g milky way funsize are 3.5 syns for those moments when you just have to have chocolate and nothing else will do.
Well, I've been good and not attacked the big bar of dairy milk in the fridge and have got some museli instead. Also, sound odd but I've put it in a glass so it looks like there's more-lol

Thanks for the syns values of the chocs. It ages since I've had something like a milky way or curly wurly and I reckon they could hit the spot next time I have a choccy craving.


Got to do it this time
Lounge you are brilliant! well done for putting a lid on it - every 15 I have been thinking about you

You can fall asleep with a smile on your face
The individual choc options sachets mixed in vanilla muller lite yogurt are good 2 1/2 syns the white choc in muller is lovely


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my chocolate fix is a cup of options belgian hot chocolate and a curley worley 8 syns in total and really hits the spot

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