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I won't eat sweetner and I'm cutting out sugar


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My downfall was always sweeties or chocolate and I have cut them out altogether as if I am 'allowed' them I tend to not stop so it's easier to cut them out (for now at least) altogether. I don't eat anything with unnatural sweetners in either so wondered if there is any alternative which is natural but syn free for recipes that require 'sweetner'

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Have you tried Stevia? You can get it in powder form in most supermarkets. I have tried it (tastes fine!) but I don't have a sweet tooth (or teeth?) so have not used it extensively. The Tesco one is 2 cal in a teaspoon. Quote: "Ideal for use in tea, coffee and other beverages, on breakfast cereals and can also be used for baking"


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S: 21st6.5lb C: 21st6.5lb BMI: 53.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you very much! I actually bought some freedom...it's like a honey consistency but I can't find the syns for this.... would be interesting to know.


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just don't! you are supposed to get used to the lack of sweetness (probably depends what it is - might not work for puddings but things that are supposed to be savoury don't need it).

If you read the sweet poison quit plan - he advocates glucose for special occasions. I am not completely convinced as it is the same number of calories as sucrose but less sweet. It would surely still give the high blood sugar hit albeit with less of the long term fructose side effects and it should be more filling in theory.

It is a good book regardless if you are giving up sugar :)
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If you eat fruit you're not cutting out fruit sugars but I won't have unnatural sweetness. I just hate the synthetic taste and we'll find out diet drinks leads to cancer soon enough I reckon. (or something equally awful)
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Hey :)

I do t eat sweeteners or anything with them in - it's not easy! I have stevia in my coffee, and drink fruit teas.

When it comes to cakes/biscuits/drinks, I go for full fat and sugar as its better for you than loads of fake nasty chemicals, and I find slimming world limits you on how much of these items you can have (via syns) that it doesn't cause any harm. If I'm at work or somewhere out, I'll sugar rather than sweeteners. The taste of them is just disguistinf and i don't think they are too good for you
Be careful if you eat anything low fat/fat free as its mostly loaded with the crap, particularly yogurts and diet drinks.

I find now my sweet tooth comes once in a while, and I can stop it with a much smaller amount than I used to.

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