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IBS and CD.. can anyone help?

Hi hun had ibs for few years now and dont think CD made any difference .I got very constipated for a while (but so do lots of peeps on CD ) I used psyillium husks in my shakes which helped but there are a few things you can use in tablet form as well find which works best for you .Good luck on your journey xx
Hi mandy.. thank you very much for your kind reply...

It was sorta what i was expecting and hoping 2 hear.. was dreading someone saying "no dont do cd with ibs" lol

I dont think anything can make it any worse than it is right now.. had a terrible few days :(

I'll give my old cdc a ring this week, hopefully get started asap.

And a big well done on your wieght loss journey! :clap:


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Hi. I was told I had IBS and to eat more bread - it turned out that was the worst advice as I couldn't eat gluten! CD is gluten free (except porridge) so if your symptoms clear up check if it is IBS. I don't have any problems now.
Thanks for your reply.
I have been told bread is a no no! :(
But at the moment all food seems 2 be playing me up.. cant wait 2 get started on CD.
Time will tell then if it is IBS.
Thanks again.. :)

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I have IBS, I had all the tests - as IBS can only be truly diagnosed by exclusion...i.e prove it's nothing else:eek: had a camera where no camera should have been:rolleyes:....I have found CD has actually helped it all to settle down, I used to have 'attacks' daily, but now if I have one once a week I am unlucky!

I have 'IBS' and my symptoms totally disappeared last time I did CD. I think mine is probably more food intolerances than IBS. I have had all the tests from which nothing was found, so I was placed in the IBS group which I think was more for the Doctors convenience rather than mine!

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