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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - ProPoints Queries' started by Littlemizz, 26 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. Littlemizz

    Littlemizz Full Member

    Hi folks,
    OH kindly (!) brought home a huge 2L tub of strawberry Ice Cream. It's from a local shop so there is no NVs on the box or any way of finding then out. I would really like to have some, does anyone have any idea how I should point it?
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  3. irishlady

    irishlady sandra

    sorry havnt got my book with me but i think it is a extra propoint per portion than plain ice cream;)
  4. Tonic

    Tonic Full Member

    Flavoured dairy ice cream comes in at 4pp per 60g scoop. Hope this helps xx
  5. Littlemizz

    Littlemizz Full Member

    That's great, thanks
  6. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    i see your in edinburgh. im in fife and theres an ice cream shop near me called divitos. absolutely divine but i darent even begin to think of points for that! irn bru ice cream is lush btw!
  7. Littlemizz

    Littlemizz Full Member

    I come from Dunfermline!! Divito's is amazing!!!

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