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Icepop's??? to be or not to be!!

I made one out of my fruits of the forest pack yesterday. It was awesome.

Although not quite as satisfying as drinking it - hunger wise.
I made some out of the CD water flavouring I dont think I put enough of it in, will try it will more next time :)
My children keep wanting to try the lollies made from the CD water flavouring, is it ok for them to eat them, does anyone know??
Thanks hedgemag xx


has started again!!
I am kicking myself. Meant to go to Woolies y'day to get some lolly moulds so I can make myself some FF lollies. Totally forgot and wont be able to get there till next Sat now....natch........

Mrs B

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Sez, just use anything that will go in the freezer ok e.g. a cup and use a teaspoon for a stick. Ok it's not going to look like a lolly but who cares.


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I once tried to make banana and chocolate icelollies.. with one of the little icelolly maker things.. but the icecream stuck in the bottom of the tube when i was pulling it out.. gutted.. tasted nice though.. i use water flavourings now.. and i can sit and eat them all if i want.. yay..

x x x
Each morning I whizz up a shake with 300mls of water & pour into 6 lolly moulds. Any flavour is ok and they last a lot longer than a shake and you can spread them out - I had three mid afternoon when it was really hot and three after my soup. Not quite like a cornetto but lovley all the same.
If you are going to freeze a shake - make sure it is no more than one a day.

Ice pops made with water flavourings are delicious and you can also make them up in ice cube trays Sez.


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i make ice lollies using the tetras and ice lolly maker. once they are frozen, lower the tube into hot water for about 20-30 seconds and they slide out easily.
tastes gorgeous and has the texture of minimilk.
if u leave them out of freezer for about 15 minutes before eating them (left in the tubes), they have a more of a ice cream on a stick texture.

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