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I'd like to start CD again BUT...



I had such an painful experience after being constipated and having to use supposatires last time that I'm wary of trying it again. I was drinking 3-4 litres of water a day so it couldn't have been lack of fluids.

How can I stop this happening again? Don't want to get into taking laxatives all the time. Even the Fibre89 didn't help (which I must admit I did only take for a week).

I did eat a frozen tetra every night, could it have been those?

What to do, I could so do with losing a couple of stone and just can't stick to Weight watchers. :(

Any advice for me please, I'd really appreciate it.

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How about trying psyllium husks, I know alot of people have them in their soups every day or make porridge out of them and they are supposed to be really effective.



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I can only echo the psyllium husks, wonderful things!
You do need to drink extra with the tetras though but 4 litres should cover that...
Good luck with what ever you chose.


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good luck to you, I concur with the other's about the psyllium husks, or alternatively you could try going on 880 (or 790) whatever it is these days LOL.. That would incorporate some vegetables in your diet, which should help cos it'll bulk you up
I had a pretty bad toilet experience last week too. Since then I have been taking the fibresure capsules. I take 2 every morning and it's keeping me regular.
I bought some capsules on Saturday - brilliant, just brilliant :D


Thanks girls, I was going to get some Fibre89, but would the psyllium husks (where do i get these??) or Fibresure be better.

I so want to shift at least a stone, but am terrified of going through that pain again.

Seeing CDC tomorrow, so will be starting on Thursday! :)



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i buy my psyllium husks from ebay and can't believe how amazing they are, i had real problems before and i was adding fibre powder to every shake and everything.

But the husks (i have mine as porridge) are an absolute godsend.

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