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"Ideal" Weight calculator


** Chief WITCH **
Since we've had some very low "ideal weights" popping up of late, I thought I'd post this link and see how we get on with it... taking into account many other factors than just height, and our own wish list!

WWW.LIVREDEMONPOIDS.COM - www.diplomates.com

Poids actuel - current weight (in K)
Poids désiré - desired weight
Poids maximum - maximum you've ever weighed, except during pregnancy
Poids minimum - minimum you've ever weighed, except when ill (I'd add "as an adult"
Poids de croisière - weight at which you can stabilise (if you know it!! you have to put something) without any particular effort
Régimes suivis - whether first diet, whether you've done a few, or third option "nombreux" lots!
Height in cm
Ossature - taking right index finger and thumb round your left wrist, do they touch? (1st one, cross over; 2nd one, touch; 3rd one, do not touch).

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting - for us long timers too - to double check the calculation. "In my day", under 25 BMI, we weren't encouraged to even START Dukan...

I just did mine putting current weight. Being honest. Mine came out at 71K. Interestingly roundabout where I stall always...
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Goat herder(ess)
Bizarrely, even though it says that it uses the same weighing thing as Dr Dukan, mine came out at 8st 5lbs on this one. On the Dukan site, it gave me 8st 1lb. Would it make a difference that my current weight is so much lower than when I originally did the Dukan one, and that I'm under my desired weight, I wonder?

I'd say that, whilst I'm happiest and feel healthiest at around the 8st marker, I wouldn't start actually being unhappy with my weight unless I went over 8st 7lbs.
Oh dear! It says I should be 65 kilos. That means I'm going to end up putting on weight, doesn't it?

It also mentioned that each decade after age 25 adds on 0.8 kilos for a woman and each pregnancy adds on 0.8 too. So at this moment (I'm 40) I can add on (0.8 x 1.5) 1.2 and (0.8 x 4) 3.2 - over 4 kilos. I make that 67 kilos then.

I'm doomed;).
Confess to being guilty/vain, and reduced the goal weight to 105, which used to be my usual weight before the steagy weight gain started about 12 years ago; Dukan's calculator gives me 113. At 113, though, I still have visibly chunky legs while the rest is slim to thin. Anyways both weights are so far away that it is going to be a loooooooooooong journey.
I wouldn't mind reassessing the target further down the road, and if I am happy with the results, stop and start maintaining.
It is funny, though; in my teens and twenties I was always unhappy with the way I looked; now (47) I am unhappy with the way I feel, healthwise, and with being unfit - though in those younger days I was also unfit, never a sporty type but then it didn't seem to matter.
It is all in the head, unfortunately.
Im glad you posted this Jo. Having had a play around with dukan he actually lets you get down to below 19 bmi (yes ok i disagree with bmi) but that sometimes seems terribly low. Im unsure as to whether it plays on people paying for the weight loss.

Jo - can you help me - mine comes out at 78kgs????
sorry done again and if my fingers dont cross (as they dont) it says i should weigh less than if they do cross????


** Chief WITCH **
How can yours be 78 when you don't weigh that now?

I agree that BMI isn't a good indicator for most but, as Robin says (albeit with a note of impending "doom"), if one goes too far below a weight which is "stabilisable" for one's profile, then it'll require a heck of a lot of effort to stay there.

I'm a prime example of that. I ignored ALL calculators...* and got to where I wanted with Dukan... for a day...!

I admit though that I'd always thought I was small framed, because my middle finger and thumb met with ease... until Vicky told me I was doing it wrong and it's the index finger and thumb... which barely meet if at all.
LOL :) I re did mine Jo and it said 64 if fingers didnt meet, 65 if they did meet and 66 if they crossed??


** Chief WITCH **
That's possible. Your highest ever weight is nowhere like mine.

As ever, I have problems with the question: "what is the weight at which you can stabilise without too much effort". I don't have that knowledge! (does it exist?!!)
I know i just put mine at the last one i could remember being at for a while!
What is weird though, is that my fingers didn't meet before Dukan but they do now. I know my bones haven't shrunk, so it was obviously chub, so now I enter normal bone-thickness whereas before I was heavy-boned!

Also, I have quite fine fingers, but wide hands. Same for arms, they're not chunky but my ribcage/shoulders are wide.

Not painting a great image, am I?;)


** Chief WITCH **
haaaa Laura!! :D

Vicky - I put 70K cos that's where I stabilised before. But, because I dieted 5.5 days a week to stabilise there, it's probably not that accurate! But there you go...
I didnt understand how it said i should weigh more for being smaller boned than i should when im large boned as it says?


** Chief WITCH **
Oh I see what you mean! And did you put everything else the same in the other fields? Weird if so!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Ohh.... it gives me 67! Now I had no trouble deciding on the easily maintained weight (I've been somewhere in the mid-70s for at least 10 years) , only with the 'lowest' - what to put there, I've never been very friendly with my bathroom scales before this diet. Anyway, I put 63 what I am now, and it gave me 67kg as my ideal weight.
Also I've been playing to see how to affect the outcome. Putting my desired weight right down will pull my ideal weight down? But not most other factors except age.
Mine came out at 53kg (116lbs)... 1lb more than dukan ... I was around 53kg 4+years ago but that was in the UK when I used to walk everywhere! and didnt know what a byriani & arabic nann bread was :D
53kg was my desired weight also ....
Hmmmmm we shall see if any of this is possible ....
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I was gutted the first time I realised I am small boned - it was always a comforting excuse 'I am big boned'. Maybe I am broad instead :)
I would love to be big boned, Mouse. My sis is only 1 inch taller than me but has a larger bone structure/frame, so she looks great at 10 stone (about a size 12 on her). Me, I look way too big and am a size 14-16 at the exact same weight.

It is SO not fair! :eek::mad:


** Chief WITCH **
lol mines 63 which is about right id say i will still look flabby

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