Ideally, best weight to try for a baby


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Under 35 means you wouldn't need consultant care but ideally under 30 would be best
(BMI I mean)


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As slim as possible! in my opinion!


Having been through 2 pregnancies fat (bout 15 stone), I wouldnt recommend it!

Good luck ! x


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I went through all 3 of my pregnancies fat - and was ill with all of them and lost 3, 4 and 5 stone while I was pregnant each time. Unfortunately all the weight came back on within 16 weeks - even though I was breastfeeding and eating really healthily! Would really recommend losing as much as you can first. My biggest regret is that I was so fat for the whole process.


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I lost 4.5 stone with CD before i found out i was pregnant, i still weighed 14st 7lb at that time, and actually i had the healthiest pregnancy out of all mine, my Gp was impressed, i put it down to the nutrients that where in shakes, I just wish i could have gone up plans before getting pregnant so i didnt return straight to food and gain weight back quickly. I agree smaller the better, but if it happens it happens.

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It can happen at any time. The healthier weight the easier it might be. I've had 2 pregnancies. With Emily I was 13st 7lbs. I put on 5 stone and dropped down a bit afterwards. I started cd at under 18st. By the august I was about 11st 7lbs. I didn't suffer from as much indigestion or tiredness but got spd. Again I gained bout 5st even though I ate better. I started ww at 16 odd stone as I was still feeding Matthew. I started cd in deb last year when he was 10 months old at 14st 9lbs and lost loads before I moved up the plans and had to stop due to low iron. Back to loose more. Just about there.

You will put on weight when pregnant but you can control how much by bei g careful and choosing carefully. remember to eat healthy for the baby etc.