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Ideas for Incentives

I was super motivated last week as I had a family event coming up. It was great-new jeans and top and lots of compliments. Now folk have started noticing I have lost weight. I lost weight about 8 month s ago about 8lbs no one noticed and now lost anoth 15lbs suddenly folk are telling me I look like I've lost 2 stone? but the point is it's made me a bit complacent. Plus I don't really like the snidey comments -2 people who are struggling with their weight have made. So I read a book that says you have to do you goals,-done,plan a treat and tell your friends and family -done. Treats? I just cant think as normally it be a meal or food. I keep looking at deals on groupon for facials and stuff but Im not really a beauty parlour kind of person so? I was really keen on a new dress in a size 12 that I thought I would get into until I tried on a size 12 in another shop and realised actually the sizes in that shop are just big and I won't fit the 12 in a normal shop due to my little fat middle apple shape. So anyone got good treats lined up?
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Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi hun,

Well i have just bought a "dream dress" in a size 10 (im actually a 16-18) and i have hung it up in my bedroom as an incentive to when i am almost at goal. I willlll wear that dress xmas day! :p

I also am blessing wedding vows next year, so thats another incentive for me..

How about maybe treating yourself to a spa day/weekend when you get to a specific goal? Or a new pair of shoes is always good :rolleyes:



reaching my goal
Clothes is always a good treat because when you reach your goal or near it and you can slip on that size 10 dress or whatever your goal size is the feeling you get from that will be amazing , you will feel so very proud and no one can put a price on that !
You could always treat your self to makeup , jewerly any thing that makes you feel good about your self . Dont treat your self with food it will take everything away youve learned doing vlcd . Hope this helps . Let us all know what you have decided as a treat . Good luck
Like most people ive treated myself to new clothes that dont fit. Doesnt sound like much of a treat just now but when i fit into them it will be lol. So far ive bought a knitted dress in size 14 that i fell in love with and altho they had it in my size i looked a bit lumpy bumpy in it lol, a pair of fairly expensive calf length boots for the winter (my legs are too chubby to wear them just now lol...the zip wont go up). Im sure i'll add to that as i reach each goal xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
That sounds lovely babystar..I lurve knee high boots in the winter, although finding a pair that fit my legs is a mission in itself let alone doing them up! :p
Im sure you will be in that dress in no time :rolleyes: x
Yes maybe clothes. It is great fitting into smaller stuff. The whole diet/buy new clothes is getting expensive! I feel guilty spending it onme rather than the kids. There is an offer today for personal training for 2 weeks 6 days a week for £129 I nearly signed up but stopped myself due to the cost. Mind you I guess on these big loser programmes they do about 4 hours a day. I'm always frightened that Id be dead after 20 mins so Id be mortified.


reaching my goal
I know how you feel you look at these reality shows like biggest loser ( which i was addicted to) and you think if i did more activity we could look like them , well your right they do between 4-6 hrs a day and we couldnt possiably manage that with a family . Thats why they left theres so they had the time. 20 mins is still very good as long as your heart is beating fast and your slightly out of breath you will be in fat burning zone . Dont feel bad about spending money on this diet i did at 1st but your not just doing this for you but also your kids . To give them a healthy mother .

I am thinking of booking one of those mother and daughter makovers where you get a photoshoot for my target date. They have them on lastminute for £10 each. Thought that's a cheap treat but might motivate me?


Taking the Scenic Route..
I think that sounds like a lovely Idea Canyscot :) Def i good motivator xx
when I am under 14 stone (long weigh to go LOL) I am going to go bangee jumping and paracuting
My main incentive is to get back into my lovely Rock and Republic (28 waist) jeans by My 30th in October.
I have my eye on a pair of shoes for my birthday present and it's the kind of shop that I wouldn't go in looking like I do now as I would constantly be thinking that the security guard was going to come over and escort me out 'sorry madam but we don't allow fat people in here'

My jeans are all I can think about...I really do love them lots, mmmmmmm!

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