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ideas for sw stir fry


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hi has anyone got any ideas they can share with me on how to make a stir fry interesting and flavoursome instead of boring and tasteless...as few syns as possible please guys :)

the stirfry i use is the packs in tesco,
i chopped up some onions and peppers and fry them off in spray oil then add the stirfry with a dash of osyter or soy sauce, salt, pepper and paprika for 4 mins then enjoy.
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In the May/June mag there's a recipe for chicken chow mein. I've been using this for stirfry minus the chicken on a green day and with tons more veg. The flavours are lovely. I used to just add soy sauce and it was all so dry and tasteless but since that recipe came out I actually look forward to stir fry. Let me know if you don't have the mag, I'll find mine and copy it down.


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I buy a pack of stir fry veg and a pack of fat free super noodles, cook the veg and noodles in seperate pans then combine them both when cooked.
Had this for lunch, very tasty and filling


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I put a cube of frozen chilli, ginger and garlic with beansprouts, onions, mushrooms and noodles and stirfry in a pan then I add soy sauce and a tbls of sweet chilli sauce.

nettie xx


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hi thank ou for all your replies i dont have the magazine so if someone could let me have the recipe id be really grateful xx


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I kind of use the SW chicken chow mein recipe but edited it for myself..
I tend to fry off some garlic and fresh ginger in a wok,then add a stirfry mix or any veg you want (big fan of asdas stirfry packs espec the crunch one with mangetout and butternut squash), then I add about 4 tbspn dark soy sauce and 100ml of chicken veg stock and cook off, cut turkey into strips and cook seperately till amost done,add all together, throw in some noodles and stir fry all together for a minute odd.
This is my all time favourite stirfry and I find it not to dry like usual ones. :) Can be any meat, (stock accordingly) I just liked turkey for a change and best of all syn free :D

Here is the recipe linkon SW website - http://www.slimmingworld.com/lifelineonline/food/recipe_chicken_chowmein.asp


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My favourite is beef stir fry. I just get a piece of beef, coat it with some chilli flakes and chilli powder (I love it hot) and cook it with some stir fry veg. Really yummy and then I just add some soy sauce at the end.


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I usually 'fry' garlic and ginger then stir in some 5 spice, before adding meat and stir fry veggies and a dash of soy sauce. I then toss it with cooked noodles and add in a tbsp of sweet chilli sauce (1.5 syns)


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We made up a stock cube with just enough water to cover it and then added that to the packet stir fry veg in the wok, very yummy and since stock cubes, veg and frylight are all free no syns at all. You can add anything to it, although I wouldn't recommend the fresh quorn pieces they were horrible, frozen ones have always been ok though. Hugs Crystal xx

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