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If CD took requests for flavours....


what would your requests be??

Soups: a minestrone or a beefy type one
Curried soup :)

Shakes: ? a vanilla tetra for coffees and teas would be grand.

Bars: A minty one. That would be lush.

Porridge - golden syrup flavour


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I've often thought that a mint chocolate bar would be nice (sorry, Tilly :))

Come to think of it, a cereal type bar - without chocolate - would be a nice change.

Good idea for a thread, hun. :D
I think a soup with a bit more body to it would be nice, maybe sweet pepper and tomato.

maybe a 'meal' like W8 has spag bol and chick noodles. would be nice if CD did too
actually do like mint choc, one of the few times i eat choc!

love the idea of golden syrup (flavour!)
beef soup... mmm yes.. how about curried beef?



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How about something savoury that isn't a soup?

Ooh, CD crisps... :D


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I would love a savoury bar.........something like cheese and onion :drool:



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Anything that would leave a fresh taste in your mouth - lemon would be lovely.
Terry's choc orange flavour bar!
A Cadbury's Dairy milk flavour anything, even soup!
Mmmmm CD crisps, cheese and onion or definitely curry flavour - I too am really missing my curries.
a carrot and coriander soup...
The list is endless... Some great ideas, do you think anyone from CD is reading this?? :)
what would your requests be??

Soups: Pea and Bacon yummy!!!
Curried soup

Shakes: Lemon (for mousse)
Orange (for mousse)

Bars: ANY Bar Without choc!! :)

Porridge with apple flavour

You can add 1g of curry powder to the soups this is particularly nice in the vegetable one.

The Sunshine Orange Water flavouring tastes more like lemon, if you add some to your vanilla shake it tastes like lemon cheesecake.

Golden Syrup - make up the plain porridge then after cooking stir in 1 teaspoon of toffee and walnut shake this tastes just like golden syrup.

Banoffee is also nice, half banana half toffee and walnut.

Black forest is good choc shake with Summer Berry flavouring.

CD Head Office are constantly trying out new flavours I have tried quite a few some nice some really not nice.

I would love a yoghourt coated apricot or lemon bar or a choc mint crisp bar.
Butternut squash and chilli soup, or spicy parsnip soup ....yummy!


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Totally love the idea of a lemon shake - it would be gorgeous as a mousse.

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