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Hi Everyone

I notice we have a lot of people either starting or restarting this week. Good luck to all of us!

As we all know this diet is hardcore but the results are well worth it. For many of us we start off great, the weight falls off we feel energised and we cant believe how easy it all seems.

And then 'life' gets in the way. That night out, meeting, wedding, weekend away, holiday that we have to attend. Then it gets more difficult. We have to go. Will we ss? Will we eat? What will we eat? What will people say? and so on and so on.

If we could lock ourselves away for 2/3/4 months this would be so much easier but we cant.

I started this in Oct06 and did really well upto Christmas. That was 16 months ago! Since then I have been off and on this diet a ridiculous number of times because life gets in the way or rather I let it.

We have Christmas/New year then for us in Scotland Burns night. Followed by pancake day, Valentines and Easter. Then its bank holiday weekends, School holidays, Summer holidays, more bank holidays, half term, Halloween, Bonfire night then Christmas again. Of course those of other religions will have other dates as well.

Then add in birthdays and anniversaries, our own, our families, friends and colleagues. Not to mention weddings christings and funerals. Then there is family parties, impromptu bbq's with the neighbours, unexpected weekend away etc etc etc.

So my question is(to myself as much as anyone)


These occasions and events crop up every year. Hardly a month goes by when there is not something happening. But why is it that we feel that unless we eat and drink we are missing out. For most of us 4-6 months comitted to this diet would change our lives. Just think what our next holiday, birthday, Christmas or whatever would be like if we were happy with our weight.

I have written this for myself because all to often I give up the diet and say "life's too short" I'll start again after the nightout, weekend, holiday. But the truth is if I dont lose this weight soon my life really will be too short.

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I think the key and ive seen it with lots of people on here and it is just to give up doing all these things while on the diet ignore the birthday parties, weekends away etc. they will still be there when you get to goal and you will be able to enjoy them a lot better.Stopping and starting is only prolonging the diet and making you more miserable, i know from experience after taking a week long holiday off cd. Excellent post though.

becky xxx
You are so right and I really admire anyone who can carry on through events such as Christmas , birthdays and weddings. I suppose you just have to stop and think whether the event is worth stopping the diet for. I may need to rethink my planned stops over the summer after reading this post!!! One thing though...I'm not ssing on holiday but then that's not till September!
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i did just that, locked myself away for a couple of month!

i went out the other weekend and got soooo many compliments... felt like a butterfly coming out of my cocoon!!!

it is well worth ignoring such events (although i did go to mothers day meal and DIDNT eat). if you can go along and not give in then go, if you would find it hard then dont go.

its such a short time to sacrifice... just do the diet and you will enjoy the events a million times more.


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