if someone ate 9000 calories...


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HI All,

Firstly, I'm not talking about me :) i would say if I was, but i'm not.

I was thinking the other day. If someone eats 9000 calories in one day:

2000 is their RDA of calories. That leave 7000 calories.

If 1lb of fat is 3500 calories, then that person has consumed '2lbs worth' of calories (3500 x 2 = 7000).

How does the body respond? does the body now gain 2 lbs of weight overnight? within 2 days? within 2 hours?


Does the body get rid of these calories, if it is just a one off?

Imagine if somone ate or drank all night - they must consume loads of calories... but they don't look fatter the next day - do they?

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Interesting question! :)
Some thought, some reading and some logical deduction leads me to conclude the following;

If someone was to consume 9000 calories in one night (i.e. over the period of 6 to 12 hours) they would not gain the entirety of the weight that could potentially be gained from that amount of food.

There is only so much the digestive system can handle at one time.
Some of the energy from the eaten food would be used for the further digestion of more food, some of it would be used for quick energy, some would be used up by a process called thermogenesis (where the body increases the metabolic rate to deal with the influx of food), and it would use as much as it could of the rest to store as fats.

However, food can only stay in the digestive system for so long before the body has to extrete it, and with such a large influx of food over such a short time, the body would not have time to properly digest and absorb all of the nutrients (good and bad) from the food intake.

As such, trips to the toilet would be extremely frequent as the body would literally be forced to make more room for what is being digested, and also it would be forced to speed up the excretion of the waste by-products of digestion as they are, after all, toxic to us (the reason we have to do no.1's and no.2's is that the stuff found in them is actually harmful to us if kept inside your bodies).

So, theorectically, one a one-off binge of 9000 calories, you would likely not gain the 2lbs you could, in theory, gain. It is likely however, that you could gain 1lb, perhaps slightly more, you would be extremely sick, your bum would hurt like crazy, you'd have many symptons of diarrhea if liquids were a big part of the calories or some seriously painful no.2's if it was all solids, and generally you'd feel extremely bad, lethargic, sick, and bloated.

OK, now where do I pick up my "Science Geek of the Week" award? :p:8855:


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