If u could post your loses to help pls

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by lilly05, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Hey all am starting in the morning would like some inspiration to help to see loses ect thanx xxxx
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  3. thisisme

    thisisme Full Member

    Hi Lilly,

    I started last Wednesday and have lost 12lbs already. Wednesday will be the end of week 1 for me so I'm hoping to get another 2lbs off to make it a stone in week 1.

    Keep at it, keep motivated! I find weighing myself every day really helps keep me motivated as I'm seeing the numbers drop every day. I'm also drinking green tea throughout the day as well as 3ltrs of water, and have a mug of peppermint tea before bed x
  4. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Thank you for your reply it's my first day 100./. So far gonna have a early night 8hrs to go
  5. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I've just finished week five and have lost 23lb in that time - good luck with the diet, stick with it and you'll be down on the scales in no time :)
  6. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Thank you iv tried so many diets it lasts a week but this is my first time on exante and I like the shakes and get really full going to weigh myself in boots so I know my start weight x I was 16 somthing a couple weeks ago so hopefully have not put much more on
  7. Tinky

    Tinky Full Member

    Hi I've just finished week 5 and I've lost 18lbs so far. It's so worth it, and you see it on the scales so quick it really does keep you motivated, like thisisme said. Good luck! Take lots of pictures so you can track your progress too x
  8. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Just finished week 4.

    28.5lbs off and 25.5 inches! X

    Ht 5ft 1 Start wt 14st BMI 37. Wk1 -18lbs, BMI 33.6 Wk2 -2 BMI 33.2, Wk3 -3.5 BMI 32.5, Wk4 -5 BMI 31.6 no WI till 12 March
  9. kerrynew1

    kerrynew1 Full Member

    Losses in signature. As you can see, I haven't stuck to it very well but it's still come off.
  10. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Hope you're doing okay Lilly. I'm just starting too. There's some very inspiring losses here!
  11. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Hey all started last week it was a bit hard so I stopped and restarted today ur loses are all great I can't wait to see my first loss I think that will help me a lot x
  12. Tinky

    Tinky Full Member

    Good luck! You can do it this time. It does get easier, so just tell yourself you'll stick at it for maybe 4 days and hopefully by then you'll be in the swing of it
  13. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Thanx lovelies x
  14. Cypherkitty

    Cypherkitty Full Member

    I started last week. My weigh in was today and I lost 15lbs so keep the faith weigh in will come round soon enough

    Good luck xx
  15. MissMia

    MissMia Full Member

    Good luck! I'm only on day 2 myself, I'm hoping it eventually gets better! X
  16. Patsypal3

    Patsypal3 Member

    Hey Miss Mia! Join me on Day 3 and let me know your potential threats and you plan to overcome them! I know I'm vulnerable today. My stomach is growling already! It's taken me a while to psyche myself up to doing this - I just feel like a burst mattress! I'm better not having to count or weigh anything - just to take a break from conventional food altogether - ( except I still have to shop and cook! )
    i'm planning to keep occupied today with sorting a room out, and sewing and knitting! - oh and watching Breaking Bad this evening!
    keep strong - lets do this together!
  17. MissMia

    MissMia Full Member

    Hey Patsypal3! The thing I'm dreading is going shopping Lol, hopefully the washing machine feeling in my belly won't return! Just as i typed that I felt my stomach go weird lol. I'm sat at work, gettin things confused, feel like I'm still half asleep! But we can do this! One more hard day to go (hopefully)!
  18. Patsypal3

    Patsypal3 Member

    Have you got your water bottle beside you at work? I honestly think water is your best friend today. Have you tried sipping hot water - quite soothing! And I also like black red bush tea! Just try and keep your mind occupied with other things - get lost in the internet or read a good book! ( obviously you can't do this at work I know!) hang on in there!


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