If wee is really yellow does that mean you're in ketosis


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Hey everyone. How you all this morning? Sorry I'm always asking the strange questions. I'm wondering if I'm drinking so much water shouldn't my wee be paler? It's really yellow. So is that a sign of ketosis? I feel so crap today. My two year daughter is getting on my last nerve and the day has just begun. Aghhh!!! I have patience cuz I'm so irritable while I'm on this thing. I mean she's a little monster usually anyways, but I just can't take it at all at the moment.

Another thing. I'm going to pick up fibreclear today as I've not been able to "go" just wondering if that will affect my weight loss...the fact that i''m constipated?

oooh this day is gonna be long...sighhhhh
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mrs bee

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If you are drinking enough your wee should be paler, if its very yellow then its to concentrated, you need to drink more I'd say!


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really? i had 4 litres yesterday
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Im not sure but i think it is a sign that you could be dehydrated. If you drank 4 litres of water though thats kinda weird! lol


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the first one or two of the day are quite strong - and then get gradually paler through the day - mine is almost clear by the last one before bed !



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heya, well i know that mine has been quite pale, but on day four i think it was at about lunch time mine was like realy yellow rather than orange. it looked like id had a beroca boost or something. i was in ketosis then anyway. maybe you should get someketostix from the pharmacy? other than that nothing to worry about!


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wee is always darker in morning , but should get lighter as day goes on :p as for the fibreclear that should help with the other issue , it might effect ur wi if u not been yet, but hey least u will be a lb or 2 lighter next week :)


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You need to make sure you are just sipping your water throught the day, as drinking large amounts at once will pass straight through you. This will leave you dehydrated, and will also prevent you from going to the loo as you need water to help with bowel function

Clair x


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Hiya hun, i find this usually means you're not getting enough water.
once you feel ok i woulnt worry though just make sure your getting the right amount of water.

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Ketosis can change the colour too. Jim who does Atkins had an luminous colour!


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Mine was yellow days 3 and 4, its gradually got lighter, and today (day 7) I definately know I'm in ketosis, metalic taste yuk

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Your urine will typically be darker in colour to start and possible while in Ketosis because of the amount protein you are taking in, Because Protein is typically excreated via your kidneys where by the goodness will be put back into the body, however being that your consuming a very high protein diet you will find your kidneys under allot of strain to keep up with the protein influx.
Anyone who has ever suffered from pre eclapsia will understand this process, the strain put on the kidneys means that they either work super efficient or struggle a little and leak some out! hence dark smelly urine.

Sorry doesnt really answer your question as to whether your in ketosis but hope you find your answer soon!


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When I first wake up in the morning, it's a dark colour, but as the day progresses and I drink more water, it typically turns almost translucent, so by the end of the day it's clear, and the same happens the day after etc.!