If you believe in Father Christmas....don't open!!


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I was thinking today about Father Christmas and other lies we tell our children:eek:

My eldest showed his first signs of normality around the age of 6. He questioned it. Aged 7, he thought FC didn't exist, but didn't want to risk fewer presents by admitting it. At 8, he was getting braver.

The other one was a little slower on the uptake. Aged 9 was still talking about him, and I still didn't own up.:eek:

When he was in Year 6 (aged 10), he was adamant that not only did he exist, but he'd seen him:eek:

He told his fellow chums at school. Obviously they told him otherwise. His teacher decided to turn it into a lesson on standing up for what you believe in. A great lesson, but just made Andrew even more determined to tell everyone they were mistaken :rolleyes:

He came home and told me. His teacher also believed in FC, so he knew the dear old man existed.

I felt it was time to break the bad news. He was mortified. He told me that he had trusted me, I had lied to him. I had never lied to him....how could I...why??

I felt awful.

On the other hand, the tooth fairy was totally unbelievable. The darn woman was always late or had forgotten:eek: She would slip a coin under his pillow when he was cleaning his teeth. Sometimes she would forget to take the tooth or leave the wrong amount.

Rarely a letter of apology or anything.:mad:

I sacked her! Told Andrew that if she wasn't going to do the job properly, I might as well give him the money for the tooth! Fairies are all the same. Too busy chucking dust over themselves and chatting up the elves. They just haven't got their minds on the job.

In hindsight, had FC been a little more unreliable, I could have sacked him too.

So...do I put the mincepie and carrot out this year? Last year (aged 13) he still wanted me to:confused:

Did any of you have to break the news gently or did your children just happen to realise it all alone?

My daughter is 4 and last Christmas (when she was 3) she asked us why we still believed in Father Christmas because he's not real! :D

Blimey! Bless her cotton socks!
LOL. I've just noticed that google must have been reading this thread. There's already an advertisement for 'letters to the tooth fairy' on the website :D

Blimey! Bless her cotton socks!

I know - we were stumped!!! She still believes in the tooth fairy though...funny that, especially as there is money involved!!!! Gosh, they learn so young!!! :p
My daughter has just turned 6...if she didnt believe in santa I would probably be more devastated than her!! I want to take her to Lapland next yr if I have the money, just to try get an extra couple of years out of her!!!
I had tea with him last year in Lapland, so it seems Karion....pause to take deep breath. Somebody has been winding you up, he's definitely very real.
OK confession time.....I too was around 13 when my parents finally told me he wasn't real:eek: They still joke about it now that it was embarrasing because I was soooo old...my excuse - I had a younger brother and a much younger sister (9 years younger) making her only 4 when they told me - that's why I kept up the pretence for so long....honest guvnor.....lol!!

My eldest (10) no longer believes but the little ones do....6 & 4....and I have to confess to already telling them that 'santa is watching' and if they are naughty he won't come!! Mind you we are havinga big, big cut back on pressies this year so they'll think he's got a bit tight anyway...lol

I think I was about 7 or so...no tantrums or anything.....Christmas was so much more magical when I believed though.

Still.....for a very long time after that I believed that my tummy button was alive and I fed it daily...mostly crisps and bread and believed until I was 15 that Seahorses were mythical creatures....:rolleyes:
I am shocked!! You rebels you

Read the subject heading! 1/2 of you were not supposed to open this message.

See what's going to happen now?? You will be getting soot in your stockings!

There are some funny replies though:D
My kids are aged 13 (14 on Sunday)! 11 & 3.

Last year was the first time Ollie (13) said to me that he didn't believe in Santa anymore! I told him that when kids get to 13 as they are teenagers FC doesn't come anymore as there are so many small children to bring toys for and anyway FC wasn't that keen on Green Day! Well he never said 'yeah right' like they do he accepted it! I also told him that even though he doesn't believe doesn't mean he can spoil it for the others...oh and ME!!!
We have a photo of FC putting presents by the fireplace!!! the kids kept saying it Daddy! but its def FC ;) ;)

Kam x
My youngest daughter is 10 and I think she sort of 'knows' what's what as far as FC is concerned but is in denial.

I'm happy to carry on with the magic forever - even after our 'baby' comes out and SAYS what she perhaps thinks (see? I can't bring myself to say the words myself!! :) )

Every year we log onto Nasa's Santa Tracker - a fab little site that follows FC around the world in real time with reports from American fighter pilots who spot him as they're flying about.

We put out the obligitory mince pie, carrot and sherry and DD leaves a note.

Pure MAGIC!! :D