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If you could.....


I will do this!!!
Chicken in black bean sauce with green pepper, no rice no chips just that and i cant wait till i can have it again

Either that or a subway turkey ham wrap but after the sandwich dispatches the other week im kinda going off ready made sarnies


I will do this!!!
It may seem mean i bet think we should still love food even if we cant eat it, after all we will all probably be eating it sooner than we think. :)


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spag bol i love pasta and really miss it!


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A large glass of red wine (shiraz or cabernet) and a bowl of cashew nuts, some hummus and bread sticks....:eatdrink017::drool::party0036:
yummy ! spag bol.mmmmmmmmmmm cant weight to make a low fat version of this in a couple of weeks....i also love pasta but mine used to be the size of mount everest with tonnes of cheese and loads of garlic bread....

lamb roast dinner yummy got to have stuffing,roasties,yorkies,mint sauce,veg,gravy lol little sausages wrapped in bacon yum yum gone are those days though....small sensible portions from now on !

warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream used to be a favourite of mine.....

chicken fajitas,garlic mushrooms,onion rings and garlic dip

STOP ! ! making myself feel hungry now......oh how greedy was i, i feel ashamed looking back...food was my comfort when bored,lonely and depressed which was most of the day

time to sort my life out once and for all,,,anyway enough from me
w could just eat some capital spare ribs and some prawn toast and some mini spring rolls with to heaped spoons of boiled rice. i would so love to eat a chinese! mmm.


I will do this!!!
Thibking back to what i used to eat and how much i can see why im as big as i am now. Im glad iv seen sense before i got so big id have to be lifted off the sofa by a crane!!
pizzle, you have just made me stop and think, im to not surprised at the size i am with what i ate! i could have had chinese twice a week, kfc once a week and sometimes the chippy. OMG!


I will do this!!!
Sounds like my usual week. I cant say i had anything healthy in a week or even a month. Well thats going to change!!!!
yup!! i agree.
yep, my appetite was huge ! i always felt hungry whether it be emotional hunger or genuine hunger it was always there, i never left a thing on my plate and rarely was satisfied with the food that i was eating, had been like that for a couple of years really....unbelievable, trouble is my emotional problems are still there so i really need to try and work out how to deal with that. obviously i have proven to myself that i dont always have to turn to food as i havent touched one bit for 22 weeks but i have found that i have been more depressed and withdrawn as i havent had that comfort there ! oh dear.....refeed seems very scary to me right now as i dont want to turn to food again just because i can
my problem was i hated wasting food, anything that was left on plates i would pick at befor my mum could throw it in the bin, i was known as the human dustbin! My weight never became a problem untill i left school, i was always slim except for my pot belly then i started working and with it being a desk job i would just eat sweets all day, it was as i was getting older i was getting bigger. At the age of 16 i was a size 10-12, at 18 id blown up to a size 18! and so on. I too ate out of bordom, everytime i was on a night out i would always order food on my way home, always too much for me to eat in one night and so i would save the rest for the next day. The cupboards were my friends, they held all the "good" stuff. I got worse when i passed my driving test cos everything was only a moments drive away. Macdonalds 5 mins down the rd, me and my bf lived out of macdonalds but im the one who has put all the weight on and he has stayed the same :( well not anymore im on a mission to lose it!!


I will do this!!!
My problem was id eat for the sake of eating. At luch even if i wasn't overly hungry id still eat 2 rounds of cheese sarnies, loads of fizzy drink then id scoff my face at dinner, pudding then eat snacks at 10ish. I ate so much that i didnt need to. Im hopeing this diet will shrink my stomach so when i do start eating again ill eat proper portions not supersized ones!!


I will do this!!!
I ordered a size 12 dress the other day and it arrived today :) im determined to get into it and look great....i cant wait!!! :)
Kebab meat and chips with garlic sauce :eek:
I ordered a size 12 dress the other day and it arrived today :) im determined to get into it and look great....i cant wait!!! :)

No more bingeing for you young lady....:D

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