If you ever need cheering up...


This can't fail to make you smile unless you have a cold stone heart :)

That clip has really cheered me up!!!

i had tears in my eyes, that baby is sooooo cute!!!

he'll be the kind of best friend you could want when he's older, if he laughs like that at "bing" and "bong" - can you imagine how he'll be when you tell a knock knock joke!!!!

such a sweet baby
cant wait to show my girls:D
I'll have a pint of whatever the little fella's drinking.......:D He's sooooo cute..... wot a lovely giggle...... I'm sat here all along giggling like a good un with him.....:rolleyes: :eek:
Oh that's just fab, is there anything better than hearing a child laugh? Thanks for that Kate - wonderful stuff, what a tonic.:)
I knew you'd all love him. I wasn't in a particularly bad mood or anything, but now I'm in a very good one :)