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If you HAD to break it what "can" you eat

mmmn, this is a difficult one, when I first did lighter life 2 years ago, I had gone 7 weeks on SS when my step-daughter got married. I did intend to go to the wedding and still do SS but got a lot of stick from family about eating, particularly as I was on the top table. I ended up breaking the diet from here on in and never going back.

2 years later after several re-starts I'm on CD SS and am coming up to my 5th week without cheating. Its hard but I've just got my head down.

Not saying you have low will-power like me but its difficult when you are in a party atmosphere and are having a good time.

Really it just depends, if you feel you can have a day off and then get straight back on the horse I would say go have a wonderful time and don't think about it. If you want to stay careful with food I would stick to chicken, veg, no alcohol and stay away from the buffet cos non of it is usually healthy.

Good luck and most importantly enjoy the wedding.



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yea its a small wedding of 30 and its all family and they are big on eating so do not know i am on this or at least starting it. I did do it before and could go straight back on but came off it when i lost my friend to leukemia as i just couldnt cope.
Feel strong enugh to start it again but now we have no money cos of wedding lol. Funnily enough cos we REALLY budget our weekly bill for two of us is normally only about £20 (think lidls) so its a case of working out how much we can afford lol.
Have a wonderful time and get back on the horse the next day! You deserve it.



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i have just been to my best friend's wedding and can say that it is murder trying to get back on this thing afterwards. eat as few carbs as you can and the transition should be much easier and if you manage to stay low carb you'll still lose weight. so think meat and salads and no alcohol or gin and slimline tonic or something, ha. enjoy it though honey. at the end of the day life happens and we need to enjoy it :)

abz xx


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It can be very difficult to get back onto the VLCDs after a break. But what we are trained to advise is that if you have to eat, eat lean protein and green leafy veg. Stay off alcohol as it will make you want to eat more, and you shouldn't drink alcohol whilst in ketosis anyway. Eating protein and green veg will not knock someone out of ketosis and won't therefore make them hungry afterwards. If you eat any carbs, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, noodles, or carby veg like carrots, tomatoes, onions, peas and beans these will knock you out of ketosis and the first thing that comes back is the hunger.

Now everyone is different. I have managed in the past to do a month of SS and then have a break for a birthday takeaway and then the next day just start again and it was absolutely fine, and I wasn't staying off carbs. But I do know that many people just have a tough time restarting. So really the only person who knows if you can pull off a break in the diet is you.

Good luck.

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