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If you had to kill, clean & prepare your own food...

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im a strict veggie of 30 years but also have worked as a cook in a country pub and i used to go shooting rabbits and would skin, gut them also pheasants,pigeons fresh conger eels and other nastys and boiling live crabs and lobsters daily, it dosnt phase me at all a bit grusome but its life and my belief is that if i can kill something prepare it and know its not been wasted than things are ok, it upsets me seeing the supermarket waste of animal flesh ect. i became veggie after seeing a pony skinned and strung up after collecting it from a farm with my Dad as we lived next door to a slaughter yard that was aged 5 .
ive got 4 kids and its a common thought that they must be veggie too, but no its my way not theirs.


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Would definitely be veggie!!! I don't eat lots of meat anyway infact I don't like touching raw meat lol!


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I have no objection to animals being raised and killed for food if they are raised and killed humanly. By that I mean free range and not force fed like today's cheap meat. However I eat little or no meat.

All my life I have lived on a farm or in a country situation and I have never killed or eaten one of my own animals. How can you eat Jessica calf or Sage the hen? Impossible.

We used to raise young calves for meat. They lived a wonderful life and when the time came for them to go I used to sell them to another farmer locally who fattened them for a while longer and then took them to market.

We have a cemetery full of dead hens and cockerels ! Our neighbours all joke that my hens had pension books.

DH on the other hand , as a young man in Rhodesia ( Zimbabwe ) used to go camping with his scout group and they shot, cleaned and cooked their food. I doubt he could do it now though.


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I'm basically the same as fillymum.

I went through life eating all sorts of meat, and one night when I was about 18 years old, I watched a documentary on what goes on in a typical British abbottoir, which I found fairly upsetting.

Obviously I was aware the meat I ate used to be a living creature, but you don't actually think of the bits in between, and when i saw that it made me think twice about eating it.

After I watched the docu, I started Googling it and came up with a load of PETA 'Meet Your Meat' clips etc. Baised, maybe, but it was enough to turn me completely vegetarian for four years.

Nowadays I do eat meat, but only VERY occasionally, I generally have fish or chicken, and don't miss red meat at all as I love Quorn.

If it came to it, and I'd have to kill and prep my own food, I'd be a veggie any day :D


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I lived on a farm for about 16 years, and always helped my dad kill chickens and turkeys, and had to skin and gut rabbits on a regular basis. There's very little that grosses me out, so killing my own food didn't bother me, and definitely didn't turn me vegetarian! Plucking the bloomin turkeys however...well that's just a job I hate! Could stem from the fact that every year we have to help my uncle pluck and dress the turkeys he rears...about 80 of the things! :( xx
Good question.

No, I couldnt do it. And if I think about it too much I wont eat meat any more. I have been dithering around this for a while now, I really enjoy meat, but thinking about the "befores" is almost enough to put me off. Just not quite enough. Yet.


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I totally could. I LOVE meat and wouldn't like to survive without it (as I assume Quorn etc was also no longer available)


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I've been veggie for about 23 years now and always hated meat, even as a very young child. I could eat the likes of burgers, sausages and bacon but to this day at 33 years of age, have never tasted "proper" beef, lamb or pork. Just the texture of chicken was enough to put me off. I was once forced to eat mutton though...made me physically sick but it was deemed bad manners to leave anything on the plate and it was thought that I was just being fussy, not wanting to eat meat. The smell of beef cooking, even now, makes me physically gag, just can't stomach the smell, taste or texture of meat or fish. Think I was born to be a vegetarian, my nana says I used to go to her house on a sunday and cry for cabbage at the age of 5, lol.

I absolutely adore animals and the thought of someone harming one, of them being scared, of them having their babies taken from them, urgh...it just makes me cry.

Those are my own personal views though, I don't go around trying to put friends and family off eating meat. My daughter was vegetarian from birth to about the age of 6, simply because it was easier for weaning and I think it's healthier and safer. She wanted to eat meat when she was 6 and I let her. My bf and daughter both eat it now but I don't cook it myself.

So to answer the question, no I wouldn't kill anything for food, I think it's barbaric.
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Depends really.

I have killed, guttend and plucked chicken before. I have also cleaned and deskinned rabbit, but not killed it. It was unpleasant but not enough to put me off. My biggest concern is that I was going to make the chicken kill a clean one and not cause it any more undue suffering than I had to.

If it was a choice between I dunno, for your £3 you can buy a bag of lentils or buy a live chicken, I'd probably go for the lentils as Im getting a bit squeamish.

Squeamish is the key word though. If I had to then I would. I choose not to/don't have to at the moment.


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Absolutely could. I grew up on a farm near poverty level so nothing was wasted. Even now I hate wasting food.
Seafood - I could do seafood. It can't stare back at me. Otherwise - tofu all the way.


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I couldn't kill something myself to eat. I can't eat anything that is put in front of me that looks like it did when it was alive *shudders* I would be a veggie all the way :D


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Absolutely couldn't do it, but I've been veggie for some 25 years now so I suppose I wouldn't have to!


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If I had to shoot it - fine. If I had to pluck/skin/gut it - nope couldn't do that, leave that to the butcher, or my Mum!! But I'm no veggie... Far from it!! I eat meat everyday & my favourite dinner is steak... The thicker & bloodier the better!!! I believe in the food chain & that we should all eat meat, its natural. I am a massive HUGE animal lover... Growing up my grandparents had a 'farm' & masses of land - no working animals, all strays & abandoned that grandad brought home. At one point we had donkeys, ponies, a goat, geese (and a gander!), 16 cats, 9 dogs, chickens & a rooster!! And I would go everyday just to see each and everyone one if the animals... I loved them all :) :) :) Still love my meat though!! xxx :D


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You're the opposite to me - I'm not an animal fan at all, never had a pet, not my cup of tea at all but I've been veggie for years!


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I think it would depend on the animal to be honest... bad though that sounds. Cute things - no way I couldn't do it, but chickens/other birds absolutely, they aren't cute in the slightest and actually scare me a little so I'd happily do it to them (is that mean?)
Anything cute and fury though no I'd rather be a veggie/eat fish/chickens.
I think maybe it has something to do with the eyes, if they're "human" the look of fear/sadness would be too much for me I reckon, but chickens and fish have little beady eyes so i dont think it would bother me too much.
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Funny how we're all different! Wouldn't bother me one bit. Nor my youngest daughter. My eldest has been veggie since she was 4, just as soon as she cottoned on what it was really!

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