If You have ever had a blip.........


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Hi hunnies,

Just curious...... have any of you ever had a 'blip' or fallen off track? If so, what did you have? and did you gain or still lose and how much?
How easy/hard was it to get bak on the wagon?

Please help!

Montanna xxxx
Well I had a blip, ate a chicken salad sandwich whilst visting my brother in nottingham, well it knocked me out of ketosis which took 4 days to get back into and only lost a pound.....
well I am back on track and learnt from my mistake.....and glugging the water.
For seven months I didn't have a single blip - not one. Then I started to get complacent and let things slip. I started off nibbling the odd slice of chicken, bit of ham, chunk of cheese ... sometimes I dipped out of ketosis, sometimes I was 'lucky'. But my cheating took its toll and my average weight loss slowed down to half what it should have been on 100% SS.

Then Christmas came and it all went pear shaped. I gained 20lb over Christmas and found it horrendously hard to get back into 'the zone'. After several switches of plan and restarts, I've managed to get back onto SS and hopefully will stay with it until I reach goal.
Oh yeah.....fallen off the wagon.......ruddy well jumped off the wagon. Had "blips" where I have eaten everything under the sun and blips where I have eaten chicken!

It totally mucks up your losses but it really does depend on what you've eaten carbs wise and how much and how often and if you are prone to retaining water etc etc etc. There is no hard and fast rule I'm afraid.

The best advice is really, just don't do it. However, if you've eaten, don't be upset if your loss isn't what you wanted it to be! :)
IVE EATEN A FISH SUPPER (SMOTHERED IN SAUCE OF COURSE!) AND GAINED 2LBS BY THE NEXT DAY!!!! was advised if i have a blip to drink lots more water to flush out whatever it was!
god what you guys are saying is so helpful... i'm taking an adult planned break for 2 weeks soon... and i intend to have like, 1 day on packs 1 day off... only really have evening meals and drinks... but its scary hearing you all saying you gain after a single meal!!!!!

I'll have to keep the additional water in mind I think and just be prepared for a gain, which may mean a bit of extra time on LL long term. SIGH.
could we say blipsssssssssssssssssssssssss instead of blip..............the thing with this diet you get straight back on it unlike ww or sw ....so you do less damage ..xx