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I'I'm on the diet but hubby has lost weight too!

That's great!!! :D



Never gets tired of SW!
Haha brilliant!! My hubby should be losing too but between you, me and these four walls I think he grabs MacDonalds on the way home from work, a habit which I can't control!!!
Great stuff. I think the chippy lunches at work will mean my hubby doesn't shift any!
The packet of biscuits my OH has every morning at work means he's not losing even though he's basically doing SW with me! xx
My hubbie has also lost weight which is a good thing!!
Trouble is he never eats enoughb during the day, I tell him he should eat more but its like talking to a brick wall....he's of the mindset that to lose weight you have to starve!
My 13 year son is following the free to go plan and eating so well and has lost 10lb since we started 5 weeks ago so I'm hoping this will rub off more on my hubbie!


I see the light!
Well done to your hubby.

Mine has been eating my cooking too and he has lost 30lb since 16 sept!! hes now in ideal bmi range! I have lost 27 lb since then too, what a fab diet!!

Helen xxx
Well done to everyone, their partners and son's. Its such a wonderful way to eat and is clearly showing the benefits!!!

Sadly, I cant allow my dp to have too much low fat stuff as he is 6ft 6 and lost too much weight as it is but when he does eat my meals I add loads of extra's to his to compensate, lol. His metabolism is so ridiculously fast it makes me sick, grrr.
That's fantastic that your families are also getting healthier through you all cooking the SW way! It's a bit of the opposite in my house - it was my husband losing weight that spurred me on to rejoin SW. He's been doing his own healthy eating/exercise plan since April and has lost nearly 6 stone! Then in September I thought 'hey, I don't want to be the only fatty around here' so got myself down to my SW class!! I've still got a long way to go, but I WILL get there :) And my DH still has a little way to go. This time next year we'll both be looking fab :D

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