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hi all

well when i woke this morning ive got a banging headache, throat is burning and all my body aches

ive been trying to getback on track for the past week but i just end up eating and because of that ive put 1 1/2 lbs back on so now im 12.8 1/2

i feel really down

i dont think i can carry on today cas i dont feel well at all.

i might start again properly when i feel much better. bet really scared of putting more lbs on :cry::cry::cry::cry:

what shall i do please help
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Call me Nicky xx
I am not doing CD anymore but I would say that if you are going to eat then stick to the foods allowed on AAM week. That way you should stay in ketosis. Hope you feel better hun xx
im not in ketosis ive been trying to get back on but just end up eating which has made me put on 1 1/2 lbs back on. i just feel really sick


Call me Nicky xx
well it is up to you and how you feel. Chicken and vegetables is a good warm meal that shouldn't hurt your diet and should fill you up. Even though you feel ill try and avoid things like carbs and junk as that will increase the weight gain, having said all that I hope you feel better and at the end of the day, do what is right for YOU regardless of anything else. Your health is top priorty and you need to get well xx
thanks for ur reply
im sorry for sounding so depressed. might just go back to bed il see u all later


Fairy Princess to Be
I know how you feel if that helps!
Best thing I can recommend is to have a nap, try to calm down a bit (it's easy to make impulse decisions when you're feeling grotty) and then if possible have a chat with your CDC to decide the best thing going forward.
It may be that you might want to consider doing SS+ or AAM week to give your bod a bit of extra energy while you recuperate while still 'dieting', or it may be that you want to weather it out since (as far as I know, could be wrong) the diet shouldn't actually impede your recovery since you're getting all your nutrients etc (although I know it may not feel like it just now).
In any case, hope you feel better soon!

Edit: Oops, just noticed post is 3 days old, hope you're better now and it all worked out!
thanks claire i do feel much better. i took a week of the diet and just tried to eat healthy. had my weigh in yesturday and im STS :break_diet: but im really happy that i havent gained because during the week i weighed myself and it was 2lbs up.

i hope u all r doing well
ive started again this morning so far soo good. but i know it will be very for the first few days.


Finally a size 12!
Hi Loselose im the same im restarting on thursday as i have the flu been in bed for 3 days now still having my shake for brekkie and lunch but trying to eat a chicken dinner at night as my flu tablets make me feel worse other wise

Glad ure better hun xxxxxxx
i hope u get better soon

im glad im back on track now. the week off is what i really needed.


Finally a size 12!
Yeah think its what i need as ive been on this for nearly 3 months now and only got another 10lbs to go maybe a bit more x

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