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Illegal snacking

Does anyone on refeed find they are grazing a bit . Its only on good food like strawberries and diet yogurts . I just find there are nights where i am not even hungry but Ill nibble away thinking well I am eating healthy . Not a sweet thing has passed my lips !! Honest but I am just wondering why I am grazing . Is it just habit or boredom or is my body craving to get any type of sugar (natural sugars in fruit). If I maintain again this week ill know this could be the reason.
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Yeah I was doing this LOADS last week! Got it under control this week but still having the sugar cravings...


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I tend to have a few snacks in a day, but its also healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt, but over the last week I have started to have brazil nuts and unsalted cashews. Great source of protein.
Actually bought some mixed nuts today . Know I wont eat too much of them because I dont really like nuts but I know they are really good to have with complex carbs (Contain Protein) . Was up 2 lbs today Kered but not panicing . Its hard to get the balance right though:sigh:


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Just be careful with your portion sizes and I am sure it will all weigh up in the end. Are you still wanting to lose or maintain?

Just a few nuts, dont over-do it on them. I have approx 3 brazils, and about 10 cashews. Thats not every day either, just every few days.
loosing or maintaining

Hi Kered . If you asked me up to today I would have said I want to continue loosing slowly but after being up 2 lbs today I just want to stabilise things now. Got hubby to order the calorie bible 2009 today on amazon so will be trying to eat healthily and watch my calories too. I am NOT going to YO_YO now after seven weeks hard work. I have never been so determined!!


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Good luck. Its just finding that right balance.

I am trying not to calorie count today to get used to it for the holidays, so just eating sensibly.


I will be skinny again!!!
I found snacking spiralled me out of control! lol!

Good luck with it chick xx
Hmmmmm....as long as you count it in it shouldn't be THAT bad...BUT, it does sound as though you are getting in the eating-'cos-I'm-bored habit, which must be nipped in the bud a.s.a.p as it can gradually move into the snacking the not-so-healthy foods very quickly. If I feel a bit peckish...I just drink a very large glass of water...it soon passes. This HAS to be a lifetime commitment to change the bad eating habits that brought us to LT in the first place. Good luck, darlin'.
Ya I know superslimma . I am a boredom eater but I also think sugar is my "nemisis"(cant spell for nuts) . I have found even fruit sugar can lead me to eat more nasty snacks. Trying to go with seeds and nuts this week . Just have to find the balance for me.


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Another good tip I have found is like what is said above. If I really crave or fancy something like a chocolate, I have a large glass of water, I then wait 20 minutes and ask myself if I still want, if I do, I eat it and count it, and if I think I dont really want it, need it or feel hungry, then its just a craving - dont have it.

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