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I'm a WeMITT!!


I'm on a mission!!!
Hi all, :wave_cry:

I have been a WeMITT in the past but this will be the LAST TIME I will be a WeMITT!!! :D

I have lots to lose but I have made a start, just need to keep it up and keep it off.

I have been on every diet plan, fad and gimmick going.....I have managed to lose weight on most of them but, unfortunately, it has come back with reinforcements.

I have decided that this is not the way for me. I am currently following a healthy eating plan where I am eating the right foods in the right portion sizes. I am also doing a lot more exercise as well.....the school run (well I walk it!!) is a 1.2 mile round trip and I am doing this twice a day!!

I would love to hear from anyone who wants a "diet buddy" or just any words of encouragement would be great as well!

Thanks for reading!! x :bighug:
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Hi Pinkelle

Do you know how much weight you need to lose to become a Wemitt as I too would like to join this group. I've lost 3 stone 3 times, 4 stone once, 2 stone about 4 times and now need to lose 4 stone again. I mean it every time I try:sigh:
Well first off well done on getting back on track, and a massive good luck wish you all the best :)


I'm on a mission!!!
Hi Karnak,
Not sure what they class as being a lot of weight to lose to be honest. Some people may class, say, 3 stone as a lot where as others may not.
The way I see it is how YOU feel about any excess weight and if YOU consider it to be a lot.

From what I have read then as long as you "mean it this time" then you are welcome to join!!

Pink x


I'm on a mission!!!
Thanks for your words of encouragement James....I must say you are an inspiration!!! I have had a sneaky peek at some of your posts and photos on here and you have done absolutely brilliantly!!!

Well done and keep up the good work!!!
Cheers, This site is great for some support and come on daily just to keep me in line :D
Hi petal ;) good luck on your journey... May sound silly but what is WeMITT??

Hope ur having a good week xx


I will be skinny!
Hi Pinkelle! I am sure you can do it for once and for all - Good luck with it all xxx :bighug:


I'm on a mission!!!
Hi Carly, WeMITT stands for "We Mean It This Time"!

Thanks Pipaluk!!

Ahhh ok :) I like it!!! Cx

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